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Real Talk 101: Swag vs. Sexy

The word “Swag” or “Swagger”..anybody who uses that word is corny. period. the word “sexy” is next door to it..

It is to be sold not told if you truly live it.

a little light for the blind.


Loosen up already. Run from the safety.

Higher Learning.


Wow, finally!

Think of Soul Train on steroids (in fact, this show was the inspiration for Soul Train).

To the newbies: you may want to sit down on this one..please take notes and enjoy..

You’re Lying…Jamiroquai did not make this record..lmbao

My big brother use to rock this one before he would go out to party. Once he left the house I would sneak into his room and thumb through his 45’s and lp’s (My Mom was asleep when all this was happening. Otherwise, my mischievous ass would have been whooped until the future…yeah I said “whooped”..). This was one of the stand out records I never forgot, those were some good times that I really miss a lot. During this 80-81 era, Disco was peaking, it started taking on a more of a Boogie feel. Boogie begat Electro/Freestyle and so on but this was one of the staple records that ushered out the Disco era but kept some of its themes. At that time, no one was really calling it “Boogie” perse because that was a term used for its groove factor. The string factor was dead, the sound became more synth/bass oriented (ie Funkytown, Bounce Rock Skate, Good Times,etc) . Also by that time the Euro sound was forming as well. It was all Funk/R&B at the end of the day. As of lately, newbies of this sound have coined a cute little name called “Boogie” but there are some settle differences in the sounds (back then there were no such things as the “Boogie” charts. If so, I stand to be corrected..). The Rollerskating culture played a very crucial role during the late 70’s early 80’s and somewhat ushered out the lush Van Mccoy, Gamble-Huff sound in its traditional form. Thus, introducing the “Boogie Sound” (heavy keyboards, light rhythms, happy-go-luck lyrics, simple hooks) in a lot of the records being recorded, just as in the previous there were records that were crafted towards certain dances such as The Bump, The Hustle, The Latin Hustle, The Tilt, The Spank, etc. By the late 70’s, Rollerskating Culture was massive (I never mastered them blades,lol). At some point I will cover more on the subject of the Boogie craze, Disco, “Dazz” and much more .

But this particular piece by Linx was THE JAM back then, Trust. This was one of many club jams that remains a staple to this day (KGFJ AM the grandfather of African American radio in LA was the only station that would drop it every now and then, it was strictly a club record), its progressive chords and mystic tones made me a believer from day one.

Biggups to British Soul!

I have the lp to this, but I need this single for real! This sounds more like a dub version, the lyrics are not in this version but I still dig the mix.

ode to the feminine fats

Okay, lately i’ve been in an analog state of mind. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning while re orgaznizing the 90’s section of my library and I ran into some jewels that I always thought were pretty cool but also they also pay homage to the ladies. Here we go, turn it up!

didnt know these cats were from North Cakalaki! The production on this was way ahead of its time..

my man flipped that Steely!

this is my anthem! way before “I Need Love”!

Count Mackula..Kane/Blue Magic..need I say more! (u know damn well that aint Kane singing, lol).

Turn this mofo way up! Yes, that is very young Fat Joe at the end of vid. Long live DITC!


I use to wear out the entire “Straight Out Of The Jungle” album and this was one of the highlights. Biggups to my man Markus (where ever you at) who traded me a Lawanda Page record for the vinyl on this release.

Message to Markus: I ended up finding another copy of the Lawanda Page album as i’m sure you now have an mp3 or cd of “Straight Out The Jungle” by now. Peace Bro!

of course there is the anthem, but you know what? this was THE version at the jams..

Al Green was used to perfection! no intro needed…

wow Diddy called it..

For those that may not know, Diddy was also a dancer! I truly believe he is speaking as a dancer/fan.

If you spin and lack any sense of rhythm, it will go over your head.. Every great Dj I know is either a musician or is a good just saying if you cant dance or lack rhythm (keeping it on the THE ONE), how can you make a crowd of people dance? Lets take it back to the basics, Skills and Styles. The gimmicks are wearing very thin, get your weight up or just wait up and pay your dues..

What we do is a blessing and a privilege. Biggups to Diddy!

In the words of KRS ONE: “You’ve got to have style and learn to be original”.

For aint about winging it..its about bringing it. When you got Diddy callin’ yall out, s–t really done hit the fan and the stinch is NOT pretty for the fans..Holla!

Here’s how you get kicked out of a supermarket…

Okay, so i’m at the supermarket doing the household thing right? I hit the frozen veggies section and almost lose it the moment I hear the synth and the ol’ Lynn drum. I swear I heard at least 5 songs (incl Van Mccoy’s “The Hustle” personal favorite.. Steve Gadd kills it on that record!) that were straight “butters” all the way through at the supermarket! But this was the sealer..Enjoy! Biggups to the Video One/Night Tracks/ Classic MTV era (when they actually played music!). Aww yes, when we didnt have a care in the world..Love them 80’s..

Ps: Mix this with “Yah Mo Be There” its a wrap! (dont forget my 10% cut )

Nu Soul LA presents Mark De Clive Lowe | Ann Nesby Review | Dam Funk | Dj Obah | Mayer Hawthorne

Check out my Ann Nesby Review courtesy of our friends at NU SOUL

The day before…

Funk Revisited: Madlib | The Budos Band

Madlib :: Sound Directions (Stones Throw) sound-directions

This funky offering celebrates compositions by Soul, Jazz and Funk icons such as David Axelrod, Billy Brooks, JJ Johnson just to name a few. Armed with seasoned musicians featuring Madlib clocking in on drums, Sound Directions presents fresh and sincere approach to these timeless pieces. Intense musicianship to the 10th power incorporating horns and other settle elements. The personal highlight for me on this album is a rendition of the 60’s soul dancefloor classic “The Horse” originally by Cliff Nobles and Co. This loose and extra funky version will have you out on the floor in no time (took me back to the days when my mom literally wore this record out). Majestic horns are replaced by the guitars giving it an edge, the late Jessie James would be proud of this version. Sound Directions not only provides a lesson in Soul 101 by paying homage to these musical icons but it demonstrates Madlib’s ongoing and everchanging process in pushing the musical envelope in the name of honest and good music. Sound Directions is the destination!

The Budos Band :: Self Titled (Daptone)

Okay im gonna put it out there.This record is bananas! This funk outfit hails out of Shaolin aka Staten Island, clocking in with a pinch of Afro Beat & Latin tones immersed in the bottom line, Funk. Its weird listening to this release because one cannot help but think that it was recorded back in 70′. The major highlight of the release is their rendition of Sly and The Family Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song”. Now you would think that no one can top the original but the fellas hold their own putting their own staple in this timeless piece. Overall, The Budos are bound to become one of the groups to relight the flame in funk bands. Making this release the sure shot!