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Aint no funk like that LA funk!

Okay, I have been thinking about this song for damn near a year. I have the 12′ and LP somewhere in my library, I just cant find that mug.. When I was in the second grade, this use to be THE jump off record in LA. Mix this with your Rick james “Superfreak” with a little Bar Kays “Freaky Behavior”..done deal (dont forget my 10% cut..). Released off of the legendary Total Experience label which was the home for The Gap Band. Robert Goodie Whitfield was a staff writer and musician at Total Experience, who is also the author of this classic LA jam. Gigolo time!

Bobby and David..double trouble..

I am a huuugge Bobby Womack and David Ruffin fan to the tenth power..These two cats have got to be the most pure (if you will) vocalists i’ve ever heard.. Recently, I was doing some “digging” and ran into the “Pieces” album and discovered a tune entitled “Trust Your Heart” (dont think there is a re-issue on cd or mp3 on this back catalog release) . This song was the deal sealer for me. I must’ve flipped out when I read Mr. Ruffin’s name on background vocals. I’ve heard of game recognizing game but damn.. David and Bobby on a duet = Brilliant!

Dj A-Ski tracks featured on Push The Fader Radio (Giant Step Jukebox)

A massive shout out to Dj Center, Push The Fader and Giant Step Radio for highlighting one of my tracks from my upcoming release (which should be dropping very soon, wrapping everything up as we speak). Check out the show it features many more great artists throughout and much more hotness!

In the words of Kool Moe Dee: “Turn It Up”!

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A Taste of Chicago- Pt 2 | Thursday Nite | LA

Thursday Nite LA…My peoples is at it again..Pt2..These are some truly solid cats throwing a really great party..please support! No frills..I promise u!

Dj A-Ski


04.26.09 5th Street HOUSEQUAKE @ ZANZIBAR | Session#2


ROUND 2! From the creative minds of DMOCARMELBACON comes LA’s newest creative musical Jamfest.. 5th St. Housequake! Sprinkle in some Soul, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Broken Beats add a dash of LA’s bangin’ new house band, FAULTLINE, and top it off with DJ A-Ski and you have a recipe for some next level sh*t! Every last Sunday we push the musical envelope and introduce to you some amazing live music from some of LA’s dopest artists at one of the premier spots..ZANZIBAR! – 1301 5th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

We have assembled a collective of creative spirits to come together to create a fresh new energy not seen in LA. Featuring special surprise guests and musicians as part of the HOUSEQUAKE. New talent, too, are encouraged to come join us on stage during the open mic sessions happening at every event!

This week’s Musical guests are LA’s own Rhett Frazier Inc. and Chase Allen… bringin’ the heat with that brand of FUNK that just puts that *ss in motion! Not to be missed…don’t be sleepin’!

Chase Allen… Chase Allen’s music is R&B and soul with the energy and catchiness of Maroon 5. The tunes are definitely radio-ready, although some, like “Who the,” where Allen asks, “Who the F- do you think you are?,” may not exactly be radio-friendly. Be that as it may, the songs are so strong and the melodies so memorable, especially “Lying Awake,” you’ll have no choice but to sing and dance to this funky white boy’s beats.

Rhett Frazer inc….The Rhett Frazer inc band grew up alongside an unusually broad range of influences including: Rock, Soul, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop, traditional Swing, Hard Bop, and Blues. They are bringin’ the kind of heat that has enabled them to perform, tour and record with some of the best in Music…

We also are having our OPEN MIC SESSION (sign up at 9pm) —singers, mcs, instrumentalists, dancers welcome! Doors 9pm — Only $5!!! Can’t be beat..!

Support the the genre bending music MOVEMENT…for more info please email us at: there every last sunday of the month!



Peep the my latest review on the BSTC album at Nu Soul Magazine!
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Unique 74 Mix Tape: Shannon’s B’day Mix | Dj A-Ski


Puba.. the 90’s..blah blah blah..

1995 was truly the apex of a lot of good hip hop records..after that everything was watered down or a cheap imitation. This whole album was totally slept on..Camp Lo’s album was also slept on that same year.

This was one of the stand out cuts off Puba’s second solo release. Classic Puba flow, another dope “album cut”.

from the debut solo album…I still rock this one..holla! Classic Mary, I Love It!!!!
PS: Notice that everybody is having a good time in the video, “NO MAD GRILLS” or fake bank rolls and gold grills.. (no head wraps either..)


This song has been stuck in my head (Ernie’s solo!).

This record would’ve been big in the Pop market easily, kinda has that Malibu, old school Venice Beach vibe but still funky.


Remembering Willie Hutch…

Lately i’ve been listening to a lot of Willie Hutch. He has to be one of the most criminally under rated prolific artist of all time. You felt the passion he had for music and his intensity as a singer. When listening to a Willie Hutch song, you are automatically driven into an atmosphere. He could hang with the best of them and most likely could out blow (slang for singing) any of them (IMHO). His intensity is almost that of a Bobby Womack/Johhny Taylor but very settle. If you are an authentic lover of Soul music, Willie Hutch MUST be in your collection.