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Beat Installment #2 | Basement Theory | Dj A-Ski

Beat Installment #2: Basement Theory | A-Ski


Soul Sessions | Dj Center | A-Ski | LA | THIS FRIDAY


Two old friends
conspire to drop a fresh set
one time for your mind.

Come along on a fantastic voyage
from jazz to funk to disco fusion…

If you haven’t caught on to SOUL IN THE PARK yet,
now’s a good time to take a stroll.



special guests:

MONALISA (Landmyne, Garth Trinidad Sound)
A-SKI (Unique74)

resident selector:


FREE / 21+ / 10pm-2am

Footsie’s Bar
2640 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Soul in the Park (myspace)
Soul in the Park (facebook rsvp)

okay..I need this record in my life! F-cking HOT!

I would drop a “c note” easily on this (worse came to worse if I cant find it for $5).

if you were born after would’nt understand..

There was a time when this was the mood in every block in any every major city..I use to be one of those kids…

Where do we go from here?
Save The Music…

PS: GOD bless the person who took this footage and everyone in it.

Source of Inspiration Blog #1

I’ve been finishing the final touches of my first release and I am really excited due to the ideas and concepts that i’ve been putting together. But there are times when I close myself off to the outside world and go back to what inspired me as an artist. I’m drawing a lot from by background and my roots on this release, the fiber of what made me who I am as a man you have grown to know on a surface and personal level. I’ve been taking my time on this album and going back to basics yet seeking the danger of something fresh. It has been said that you cant move forward to the future if you dont know where you come from.

As I go through the whirlwind of life changes and enlightenment, the music of my life always guides me through. The artists featured in this blog have had a huge influence on me and what I am as an Artist,Creator,Teacher and Student. It is only vital that I pay homage.

As a kid, I remember “The Philly Sound” taking me on a journey with so many different colors and textures. As Mr Fred Wesley would say: “Gamble and Huff put a bow tie on the funk”. The changes and chord progressions with the funk undertones set a new way of rhythm which eventually gave birth to a new sound called “Disco” (from the commercial realm at least). To me it was all R&B/Soul and Funk at the end of the day.

This first jam has to be one of those songs that puts me in a pensive and reflective mode, its like a ghetto symphony. The second jam says it all in the chorus..When I grow up I hope to make music like this…

70’s Kids Rule..Long Live The Mighty Philly Sound!
Yes, I do have THE coolest MOM in the world -)

(I remember The Great One Sid Mccoy used this song for “Special Edition” back in the day -)


The Man is back! To the fellas…please take your lady to the show (thank me later…). I had the great honor in opening up for OMAR last year and the show was pure bananas. Pure funk with the silk linings, you WILL get an amazing show. Plus, you got my peoples GARTH TRINIDAD holding it down on the decks with the sweet selections, its going to be the sure shot you don’t want to miss!preview_invite_congaroom_omarpreview_invite_congaroom_omarback

This Friday Nite the ladies are running things @ SOUL SESSIONS! Happy B’day PLANN B!

Mark Your Calenders for April 24th @ SOUL SESSIONS.. The Big Showdown with DJ Center and myself goes down! Yes… we are going to act a fool, you know the drill -)

Droppin’ Bottles | Dj A-Ski (Free Download) | Beat Installment #1

This is the first installment of my beat series. Hope u dig.


Droppin’ Bottles | Dj A-Ski

Thinking about Marvin..

On this very day, the world was robbed of a great man who within his own contradictions and conflicts was able to teach us all how to love and to live unconditionally. This very man who came in after the reign of Sam Cooke /Jackie Wilson would later pave the way for the Stevie Wonders/Donny Hathaways plus countless others. One of the many things I admired about Mr. Gaye was that he did not settle for the status quo, he wasn’t afraid to push the envelope and raise the stakes. He celebrated the love, the pain, the disdain and the triumph through his music while effortlessly raising the bar.

Ironically, I had just purchased the “Live in Belgium” DVD a few days ago and I even did a mini tribute in my Dj set this past Sunday.

We Love You Marvin Gaye.

Ps: Bugsy Wilcox, Frank Blair and Gordon Banks where are you!? (a huge bravo!)