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7.2 | STEREOLOVE : PRE INDEPENDENCE DAY SOIREE | The 5 Signs, Dj Lotuspetal, Perfect Harmony +more | LITTLE TEMPLE | THURSDAY


Last Thursday was beautiful yet bittersweet! We laughed, cried and danced all nite, celebrating The Life of King Micheal Jackson! Maximum Respect and Special Thanks to EXTRA MILD SAUCE for putting it down major last week..

This week we are proud to have our new installment in the Stereo Lounge: THE 5 SIGNS + a special opening live set by DJ LOTUSPETAL and a live performance by PERFRECT HARMONY! Pre Independence Day Jam! No Cover All Nite!

Check out what you missed last week! Enjoy!

All In The Family: Fuse Green

This cat is a very near and dear friend of mines (+ fellow Aquarian) that’s been holding down NYC and the world for a minute and some change. One of the most fierce visual artists on the scene, great Dj with some amazing records! Please listen, observe and enjoy! WHEATBREAD all day!

Walter Orange speaks on it..

Micheal and Bob Marley..

Greatness recognize Greatness! Hauntingly Beautiful! Kindred spirits!!

Michael with Bob Marley!!!

6.28 | 5th St. Housequake @ Zanzibar | Sonja Marie | A-Ski

5th Street Housequake!
Sonja Marie Performing LIVE with Special Guests..!

w/ Resident Dj
A-Ski (STEREOLOVE | Unique74)

Sonja Marie

Start Time:
Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 9:00pm
Monday, June 29, 2009 at 1:30am

1301 5th St.
Santa Monica, CA
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LA, prepare yourself…5th Street Houequake presents an evening of SOUL..Featuring Sonja Marie! Sonja Marie is synonymous with the groove with music that spins tasty jazz,
hip-hop, funk, melodics and poetry, into more than a refried gumbo treat.
Her universal sound is electrifying and almost confining to the mastery of recording. Be sure to catch Sonja LIVE this Sunday!

Moodymann & Paul Randolph | Live

MJ Parties: Respect vs. Exploitation

As a genuine lifetime fan, I found it disturbing that so called “Dj’s and Promoters” moments after his passing were already using his image on flyers for their parties. Im thinking to myself, what is this world coming to?! where is the RESPECT factor? I feel as though a lot of folks out there are very sincere in their intent by showing genuine love in playing tribute sets..However, there is always the less talented opportunist that preys on people’s pain and suffering..(it gets even better on Ebay…)

I posted this on my FB page because it’s only right,
and it went a little something like this..

To all newbie promoters and Dj’s.. please show some decency and respect to MJ and The Jackson Family..Do Not use The Jackson images to SELL your party or sell tribute sets..its tacky and disgraceful. Know the difference between showing respect and exploitation.. If the shoe fits..

Addendum/Suggestion: If you do a tribute party in Micheal’s honor, take all of the proceeds and donate them to Michael’s
favorite charity. Anybody who is a real fan knows that he was also a Philanthropist.


Michael Joseph Jackson was more than a perfectionist, an artist, or an entertainer. He was an institution, a way of life that raised the criteria above and beyond more than any other artist before or after him (Trust me..I was a fan long before Thriller and Off The Wall..). There is no question that he was an extension of the greats before him (ie, Ray Charles, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr, Fred Astaire, The Nicholas Bros, etd) . There are very few artist that can stay on the pulse of art and culture for over a lifetime, while raising the bench mark. I could go on forever and a day to speak on such a great man and a gift to the world who taught me the ultimate definiton of the word ICON. At the moment, I am still in shock and am having a hard time putting together how I truly feel in its full essence.

Thank you Sir Michael, I will always love you!


Ps: We send all of our Love and Prayers to The Jackson Family and friends.

Msg: To all of the fans, we must stay strong and keep jamming MJ in your boombox, ipod, in your car or truck and lets celebrate his Homecoming! He is at PEACE..No one can hurt him anymore..


If you are in the ATL this FRIDAY..a must attend! My peoples Da’shon Is.. and Kembo are going to be serving up the sounds! Have a great time!

Rest In Paradise : Farrah, Ed and David

EdMcMahonnotexttightcrop_000David C