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Bach, Brahms, Beethoven & Brown

Dooley’s Junkyard Dogs!! I dont think this song was ever released, its not even listed in his catalog. The bridge part was later used on his “comeback” record called “Jam 1980”. This recording sounds like the last of the Pee Wee Ellis era before Bootsy, Catfish and The New JB’s were formed.

Boosty is freaking it on this one!! I consider this a serious Jazz Funk piece.

This was after Boots/Catfish left Mr Brown.. a little bit before they joined the P Funk army. Bootsy also recorded under the name “Boots”. I have an import of some rare Westbound Recordings I got in my early college days..havent seen that record since then. I NEED this 45, this a serious local pressing..good luck on I Tunes..

OG Swag. That suit & the great Jimmy Nolen!!

Mother Popcorn vs the ST kids! They are getting it! You can tell the “Popocorn” was ‘The Funky Chicken” in its earliest form.

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