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Breezy Love Joy | A-Ski | Zanzibar | 11/29 | TONITE

*BREEZY LOVE JOY | Performing Live!*

w/ A-SKI (Unique74)

11/29 | Sunday | TONITE

5th Street Housequake, every last Sunday at Zanzibar, is THE destination for
amazing music and great times. Cozy atmosphere, good folks and delicious

Breezy Love Joy Band is a crew of talented creative musicians from Long
Beach California who have been spotlighted several times this year at 5th
Street Housequake and NOW will be closing out the year of 2009 with 2 nights
this winter…Breezy performs his own unique style of music that has him as
one of the MUST SEE artists and stars of 2010. If you are a fan of D’Angelo,
Coldplay or Robert Randolph Band, you will love Breezy Lovejoy Band. Catch
their show November 29th (Thanksgiving Weekend) and December 27th (Xmas
Weekend) before they take off overseas!

(FREE w/B4 10pm /RSVP:

1301 5th St.
*Santa Monica, CA, 90401**Phone:* *310 500 5601**Sun:* *9:00 pm – 2:00 am* *

STEREOLOVE | Adam Stern & friends | Little Temple | 12/3


w/live opening acts:
For the soul. For the club. For the ride. For the love of music.

Adam Stern is a Los Angeles based singer – songwriter originally from Berkeley, California who is breaking the mold with his independently released debut album “The Dreamer Child.” His innovative approach to today’s music is shocking to fans and listeners alike. Adam brings a new unique concept he calls “Organic Pop” by combining a folk base with influences which cover the gamut from pop to world rhythms. Adam’s live shows are each a unique, soul & heart opening experience on a high vibration flowing with love & positivity in the spirit of peace & co-existence.

we are also celebrating the B’day of Unique74/StereoLove’s own LOTUSPETAL + all the fly Sagitarian babies!


$5 Valet and Ample Street Parking
+Drink Specials| Booth Reservatons | B’days
$5.00 cover or FREE Before 10pm w/ RSVP to

4519 Santa Monica Blvd (cross st VIRGIL)

Save The Date:
Dj Rashida (Golden Stereo) -12/10
Jimetta Rose Album Release Party- 12/17

Sunday BBQ | The Isley Brothers | Midnight Sky (RARE Live ST Performance)

Ronald is lovin’ them maracas..lmao! Big Rudy got them claps to a science..Ernie was and will always be a pure BEAST (in my Post- Hendrix Top 5 Greatest Guitarist EVER next door to Eddie Hazel/Mike Hampton..Van Halen and Slash are decent..). What’s cool about this clip is that it’s the rarest of clips with all six brothers and The Great George Moreland on drums. They brought the amps and all..poor roadie..

Im STILL trying to find The Isleys Live @ Yankee Stadium (71′) DVD..I have the original vinyl (good luck finding it..super rare).

FREE RON (he deserves the Roman Polanski deal..)

livin’ 4 the funk: Johnny Guitar Watson – Chameleon & The Lone Ranger (Live) – 1977

I had the chance to see JGW in one of his last shows and flaked out..I deeply regret it to this day, miss him to pieces..get em’ JGW (RIP). This version of “Lone Ranger” is sweet!! he flipped it!!! The King of Blues Funk at work!!

PS: Mr. Emory Thomas..if you are reading this..I would be honored to get in contact with you sir..You and the boys were bad ass!! I am a lifetime student of the “Watsonian Institute”.

Unique74 Vid Pick: Pete Rock & CL Smooth in London – 9 November 2009 @ Relentless Garage, Highbury


livin’ 4 the funk: Bohannon | Stop and Go


Unique74 Mixtape Feature: Ian Head | ROCK MUSIC | November | 09

you see…this is why I only roll with top shelf..Ian Head is THAT dude if you dont know. Get to know the has some deep crates and is genuine a fan of the music…my man dropped some beauties on here..

(props on the “Spooky Tooth” or “Gentle Giant”? of the two)

Check out his November mix..peep the education and enjoy!

November 2009 Mixtape: Rock Music
DJ Ian Head

Honestly, calling something “rock” is pretty vague in itself – stereotypically the image associated with it is white, long-haired guys playing guitars over weak rhythm-sections, even though it came out of Black rhythm and blues. I’m not going to try and pretend I’m knowledgeable about the history of rock’n’roll, which is extremely complex and defined in many ways. Some people are going to take issue with some of these records and say they are “pop” and others are going to say that one or two might be “fusion.” The more I collect records and the more I make these tapes, the more I realize how different people have different definitions of musical categories.

That being said, I think many people would throw the records I’m playing on this mix into the “rock” category, in some fashion or another. Mostly there’s a lot of raw guitars, white guys singing in creepy / screaming voices, weird sounds, eerie keyboards and some fat, heavy drums and basslines. I tried to throw together a lot of styles – everything from some uptempo solo Stephen Stills to more obscure, like Argent and Atomic Rooster. And definitely, as always, kept a hip-hop element to the whole thing – a few classic samples and fat breaks.

What I dig about a lot of these records is the no-holds-barred sense that many of the bands had. They didn’t abide by the verse-chorus-verse-bridge kind of structure – they just went for it. Some songs are less than a minute, others stretch for 10. A hard rhythm gets replaced by a folky guitar. It can be jarring, but it can also be beautiful.

Basically a bunch of eclectic, good music. Hope you dig it.

Some of the bands appearing on this tape: Wallace Collection, Argent, Shawn Phillips, Fever Tree, Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, Atomic Rooster, Steve Miller, Stephen Stills, Blues Project, Gun, Led Zeppelin, Gas Mask and more.

— DJ Ian Head

Mixtape Archive:

listen here


On Saturday, November 14th, in Kansas City, MO. The Deep Thinkers had themselves a party. For the release of their CD, Make It Quake, they took it back home for an earth shaking night of beats in the heart of Westport’s music scene. At the Riot Room, Hip Hop Chief Rocker Busy Bee, DJ Ice, Deep Thinkers, Miles Bonny & Reggie B, and Emcee Reach held it down for a full crowd of music lovers and fans alike…

11/23 | Hollywood Art Walk #4 | THAT NOISE

check out THAT NOISE a really cool band i’ve been following..they are in constant rotation on KROQ in LA..great event!! a must attend! dont miss out..i’ll see you there!!

Unique74 | education: TheIMagination

Movements from CultureDigitaL on Vimeo.