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In The Red is DEAD..

Hey Unique ones,

Biggups to everybody that came out and partied with us last week!! It was bananas..MIXMASTER NOAH and EZENTRIC (Blu Monkey, Jointz) rocked the house with some really sweet selections!! A beautiful crowd!! The Soul Train line was the apex for me (we still have the pics!!)

However, due to unforseen circumstances and lack of support/long-term vision (special thanks to the powers that be at CODA).. Mixmaster Noah and yours truly will NO LONGER be doing our weekly Wednesday event “In The Red” at CODA in SHERMAN OAKS. Firstly, we want to THANK EVERYBODY that supported our event. It is a well-known fact that it’s NOT easy throwing a consistent weekly ..especially on a Wednesday nite (in the Valley at that..unless its OPEN BAR.. We went into it knowing that Wednesday was going to be an uphill battle from jump but a long term gain in giving our niche fan base something UNIQUE rather than run of the mill). We want to thank the STAFF of CODA (major props to Kori and Shane) who helped us get the nite up and running in addition to understanding the LONG TERM vision than a “quick fix” event with train wreck Dj’s who just bought Serato yesterday sporting a glitter shirt/Ed Hardy baseball hat. To make it clear, we were growing and finally gaining the numbers (as predicted, thanks to our HARD WORK+TIME invested day in and day out) but the powers that be did not see eye to eye with us on the long-term vision and would prefer a “typical” party with the “glitter shirt” who can pull out these imaginary magic numbers (sorry “Gucci Bandana”/”Pour Some Sugar On Me” mash ups are NOT in my crate..). It is what it is…. As a result, WE decided to pull the plug on the event.

Noah and myself will continue to collaborate on events in the near on the look out!!

Lastly, im up to my ears doing our HOT weekly party STEREOLOVE/GOLDEN STEREO and my weekend residency at BLU MONKEY + private gigs, new mixes & tracks , gearing up for Unique74 releases in January 2010 (look out EUROPE & JAPAN!! im BOOKING NOW as we speak!!) work is cut out for the kid..

One Love,

PS: Just an FYI..STEREOLOVE this week @ LITTLE TEMPLE (Thursdays) will be closed due to the Thanksgiving Holiday..we’ll be taking a break but will be back next week!! Much Love to everybody that came out last week!!

This weekend im spinning at ZANZIBAR (5th St Housequake) on SUNDAY w/BREEZY LOVE JOY LIVE!! ..stay tuned!

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!!

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