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The Night Is On My Mind: Bobby Womack | How Could You Break My Heart | Nobody Wants You When You’re Down & Out

Every now and then I get stuck on these Bobby Womack trips..this week i’ve been channeling him big time. I am confident we will meet in due time.. this track goes hard (the dialogue is

dammit where’s KC Hailey?!!

Barry White has a vamp that is very similiar to this track that he recorded around this same time (78-79). I gotta dig up and post it..I think its on the “Barry White :The Man” lp.

Had to come with the double shotter for “The Poet”…I was literally RAISED on this next selection..this is a remake of an old ragtime blues classic..This is actually my FAVORITE in all of Bobby’s songs..The sessions with his rhythm section during this period (“PEACE” w/David Hood, Roger Hawkins, etc) were off the chain! Listen to that swing and grit! Priceless! A huge shout out to whoever mixed his sessions during the 70’s always felt “the bottom” on all of Bobby’s tracks (observe how the string section “rises” in on the fade out!!).

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