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where did our love go? {the lost art of vulnerability}

Well its that time of year. V-Day and cupid is shooting everybody on the bootie. As I was completing my “LOVESICK” compilation, I re-connected with certain tones and sounds that I have not heard in years but also the most brilliant writing in history ever! Today, many artist have lost (or never understood) the value and meaning of love songs..think about it.. There is so much concentration on “the beat and over sangin'” until we have forgotten the art of arrangement and atmosphere. Its deeper than a groove, its what you build around it that makes it stand out.

Think about how relationships function today let alone the social realm of how we communicate. Everybody has a guard up or there is a lack of meaningful dialogue between couples and society at large. Me being a product of the 70’s, I witnessed people getting in tune with who they were and empowering others around them while the music was a reinforcing factor in that process. Going all the way back to the war years and post war, ballads and love songs have always been the thread in keeping couples, families and society in sync one way or another.

There is a lack of vulnerability, sincerity and a genuine feel in today’s music (with the exception of those who are carrying the torch in their own respect). Even the engineers/mixers crafted songs beautifully creating a collage that still leaves an imprint on many lives today. Many times, its the mix itself that accents the real intent of what the artist/musicians are feeling within.

Ladies and Gents, please get in touch within and let go of that guard, a whole world will open up right before your eyes. Sometimes you have to slow it down to break it down. Take off that mask and go LEFT..go deep!

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