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When you ask the average person, who is GENE PAGE? Many will not have a clue. But if you ask any great musician or authentic music fan, there will be high praise. He truly was one of the major innovators of THE LOS ANGELES SOUND. Having arranged and produced many great artists such as Dobie Grey, Barry White, The Jackson 5, Pop, Soul and Country..Mr Page was truly a gem that set a platform of excellence and richness in sound that has yet to me matched to this day. I had the honor of doing a session at the legendary Sunset Sound in Hollywood and I just so happen to be sitting in the conductor’s chair. My Mentor and Hero, the great WAH WAH WATSON looked at me said “this chair is very special, this was the chair that belonged to Gene Page“. I’d never seen a room become so quiet in my life, it was like a spell had taken hold on all of us when his name was mentioned.

Mr Page has been recently considered for a NARAS Trustees Award in his honor. Please Support! He truly deserves it, for his work is a lifetime testimony of enrichment and excellence.

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courtesy of STUBASS (Soulful Detroit)::
I was recently contacted via musician-producer David Paich informing us that a nomination has been submitted to NARAS in an effort to honor the late legendary arranger-producer Gene Page with a NARAS Trustees Award. Los Angeles based (via Detroit) and well respected musician-arranger Sylvester Rivers is leading this effort, which has been supported by a who’s who of music industry leaders, from David Foster, Dionne Warwick, Tom Scott, Bruce Miller, and many many more. I spoke with Sylvester yesterday, and offered my enthusiastic support for this most well deserved recognition for Gene Page.

Gene Page, as many of you know, was the musical inspiration behind those beautiful arrangements for artists such as Barry White, Laura Brannigan, Michael Jackson, many Motown and Solar Records projects, along with an impressive list of top performers from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. In addition to his musical virtuosity, Gene was always willing to help his fellow musicians, and served as a mentor to many of todays contemporary producers and arrangers.

I would urge you all to take a few minutes and drop an e-mail to Jennifer Dugas at NARAS in support of this most well deserved recognition.

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