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CHOICE | tuesdays + after-work excursion | all about SADE. Tribute | 11.2

Unique74 & Tailwind Turner


CHOICE | tuesdays + after-work excursion | all about SADE. Tribute | 11.2

featuring rare remixes, renditions, and interpretations of the one and only….SADE

a weekly after-work excursion

social + nightlife+ atmosphere.

Spinning eclectic CHOICE selections



Dining | Tapas | Drink Specials

21+ | No Cover | HAPPY HOUR 6p.-8p.
626 S. Spring | Downtown LA

Birthdays | Booth Reservations | Special Events >

*$2 discount for patrons with DTLA residency card on first drink after 8pm!


I use to hear many tales and folklore about this really does exist!! One of many Motown’s throwaway tracks..It is a travesty that this track was never released as a single, this would’ve been a HIT!!

Produced by Stevie Wonder (guess who’s doing the background vocals & drums?)

Unique74 presents..CHOICE | DTLA | after work social + weekly | 10.26


Unique74 Update: Jazz Tonic , Digital Release + CHOICE

Due to various time constraints. I am no longer part of the JAZZTONIC weekly event. As a co founder, it was fun creating ideas & concepts in addition to personally hand picking many of the acts & talent that graced the event while lending their support, love and time. More importantly, having the opportunity to work w/ a great supporting cast. We o/b/o Unique74 wish the event continued success and creativity.

One Love,

On a sidenote…stay tuned for CHOICE…10/26…in a very Unique way..Also , the debut of my full length release is coming together as well the official digi-release..look out for “CHANGE THE MOOD” in early to late November!

+ dont forget to check out my weekly morning installment “HALFTIME” Every Friday:

The Journey Towards Good Health

As many of you may remember in the previous blog I posted a couple of years ago, I declared a healthier direction in my dietary lifestyle. With that being said, I would be lying to you if I said that it was a smooth transition. During the course of transition, I fell off the wagon (if you will) while engaging in the same late nite eating habits that one picks up as an artist that works primarily at nite. There was a phase where I “wilded out” and statred eating plenty of red meat in all forms + poultry, somehow I did not engage in fast food as much during my transitional phase. About six month’s ago or more, my companion introduced me to the concept of dried foods, juices + flaxseed chips,etc. I gave it try and actually liked it, slowly I began to move away from turkey, chicken & beef (plus I saw a documentary called “Mad Cowbow”, heavy business in every sense of the term).

As a result, I have become vegetarian and no longer eat anything that has to suffer for my personal pleasure. Furthermore, I also began to witness many elders, entertainers & loved ones become victim to cancer, heart disease & diabtetes which was an indicator for me to swtich up the pace in my diet. Now dont get it twisted, I still make an occasional run to Mickey D’s for my large fries & 2 for 1 apple pie (I dont trust the oil..yet they claim its non fat vegetable oil). I am proud “Starchetarian”. ha!

To say the least, I am a beast in the kitchen (I learned from the best…Thank You Mom & Grandma!) You can eat dishes that will fill you up without the desire of heavy consumption. Here is a dish that I made with two pieces of blackend shark fish, grilled onions with olive oil (the key element for flavor is letting the onions simmer). Good health is the recipe to long wealth. If you eat right, you will live right. Stay inspired!

Unique74 presents A-Ski @ Kung Pao Kitty | Hollywood | 10.16 | Sat

Unique74 presents an evening of

10.16 | SATURDAY

an assortment of eclectic blends + other nightlife signatures.

Various styles of Asian Cuisine + Vegetarian friendly dishes, great draught beers and signature cocktails + drink specials.

6445 Hollywood Blvd. at Wilcox.
Validated Parking in the lot behind the Pacific Theatre + Street Parking

21+ :: NO COVER:: 9a-2a
Booth | Birthday Reservations:

Fela vs African Idol

African Idol RULES…my dude to the far right aint havin’ it!!! Simon is chopped liver compared to these guys..

“I be no gentlemaaaan at allllll”

CHOICE…coming soon….LA

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