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I use to hear many tales and folklore about this really does exist!! One of many Motown’s throwaway tracks..It is a travesty that this track was never released as a single, this would’ve been a HIT!!

Produced by Stevie Wonder (guess who’s doing the background vocals & drums?)


Unique74 Update: Jazz Tonic , Digital Release + CHOICE

Due to various time constraints. I am no longer part of the JAZZTONIC weekly event. As a co founder, it was fun creating ideas & concepts in addition to personally hand picking many of the acts & talent that graced the event while lending their support, love and time. More importantly, having the opportunity to work w/ a great supporting cast. We o/b/o Unique74 wish the event continued success and creativity.

One Love,

On a sidenote…stay tuned for CHOICE…10/26…in a very Unique way..Also , the debut of my full length release is coming together as well the official digi-release..look out for “CHANGE THE MOOD” in early to late November!

+ dont forget to check out my weekly morning installment “HALFTIME” Every Friday:

The Journey Towards Good Health

As many of you may remember in the previous blog I posted a couple of years ago, I declared a healthier direction in my dietary lifestyle. With that being said, I would be lying to you if I said that it was a smooth transition. During the course of transition, I fell off the wagon (if you will) while engaging in the same late nite eating habits that one picks up as an artist that works primarily at nite. There was a phase where I “wilded out” and statred eating plenty of red meat in all forms + poultry, somehow I did not engage in fast food as much during my transitional phase. About six month’s ago or more, my companion introduced me to the concept of dried foods, juices + flaxseed chips,etc. I gave it try and actually liked it, slowly I began to move away from turkey, chicken & beef (plus I saw a documentary called “Mad Cowbow”, heavy business in every sense of the term).

As a result, I have become vegetarian and no longer eat anything that has to suffer for my personal pleasure. Furthermore, I also began to witness many elders, entertainers & loved ones become victim to cancer, heart disease & diabtetes which was an indicator for me to swtich up the pace in my diet. Now dont get it twisted, I still make an occasional run to Mickey D’s for my large fries & 2 for 1 apple pie (I dont trust the oil..yet they claim its non fat vegetable oil). I am proud “Starchetarian”. ha!

To say the least, I am a beast in the kitchen (I learned from the best…Thank You Mom & Grandma!) You can eat dishes that will fill you up without the desire of heavy consumption. Here is a dish that I made with two pieces of blackend shark fish, grilled onions with olive oil (the key element for flavor is letting the onions simmer). Good health is the recipe to long wealth. If you eat right, you will live right. Stay inspired!

Unique74 presents A-Ski @ Kung Pao Kitty | Hollywood | 10.16 | Sat

Unique74 presents an evening of

10.16 | SATURDAY

an assortment of eclectic blends + other nightlife signatures.

Various styles of Asian Cuisine + Vegetarian friendly dishes, great draught beers and signature cocktails + drink specials.

6445 Hollywood Blvd. at Wilcox.
Validated Parking in the lot behind the Pacific Theatre + Street Parking

21+ :: NO COVER:: 9a-2a
Booth | Birthday Reservations:

HALFTIME w/A-SKI | mini mixtape intsallment #1





Jazz Tonic

Wednesday Nights

“Where DJ Culture Meets The Jazz Lounge…”

The Broadway Bar
830 S. Broadway
Downtown LA 90014

9pm – 2am

21+ NO COVER!!

$4 Drinks all night long!

Top Shelf DJ’s are joined weekly by guest Jazz Musicians and Poets.


This week at Jazz Tonic

Engaged behind the decks we are joined by DJ’s Concise, Enzo and Master Selector Idea!

Vibes & Stuff Radio invades Jazz Tonic!

Bringing the Jazzy tones and the visual tonic we have many of the people behind LA’s premier Ustream underground Music channel, Vibes & Stuff Radio. Weekly their show features the cream of the crop of Los Angeles and worldwide talent from the DJ and music world in a really creative format including interviews along side the live DJ sessions.

PLUS a “Visual Tonic” presentation and collaboration with

ILLAFRESH – the resident Photog for Vibes And Stuff Radio

a.k.a. Kerry Sawyers, has exhibited throughout Southern California and her hometown of San Luis Obispo. After having lived in both areas she has come to appreciate the beauty in all things, big city and small town. Photography came as a hobby after doing photos for events and DJ’s. Having grown to develop her own style, “MOVE ME” became her established website and logo. Illafresh showcases a sense of life and “in the moment” captures to her images.



Check it out and assimilate Vibes and Stuff Radio into your rotation of regular music sources. These folks just make life better, plus you can preview that DJ you’ve been hearing about before you go out to the club!

Find the link to Vibes and Stuff here:


Also don’t forget!

Live Horns by
Dave Bass

Resident DJ’s
Mixmaster Massey (
& A-Ski (
Spin All Forms Jazz

Cool Jazz, Acid Jazz, Jazzy House, Jazz Funk, Jazzy Soul, Latin Jazz, Abstract Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazzy Hip Hop, Jazzy D&B, Straight Ahead Jazz, Jazzy R&B and…

Resident Poets Lotuspetal (
and Jazz Poet AK Toney (
plus special guest MC’s and Poets!

Mesmerizing “Visual Tonic” by ifloz

Live audio broadcast live on the web by Astronaut Disco

For more about Jazz Tonic check out the official website!

Unique74 | Ski Plays It Cool | Top 10 | October 2010

Autumn Dance | A-Ski
Center’s Groove | Dj Center
Spinning Around | Paola Jean
Love’s Off The Chain (Mr K Edit) | Amerie
Destiny | Erik Rico + Marc Mac
Maximum Ballon | Self Titled
It Should’ve Been You (Dub) | Gwen Guthrie
In Pursuit Of Blackness | Joe Henderson
Journey To The Light | Brainstorm
Detroit Beatdown v1 | Various


Buddy Collette
Tony Curtis
Dick Griffey
Dannie “Fut” James (Impact Record Pool)


In the mid 70’s, Soul,Rhythm & Blues brandished slicker sounds & plush rhythms, thanks to the legendary Philly Sound of Gamble, Huff & Bell and Washington DC’s own Van Mccoy.

However, during this period there was a powerhouse in LA that was to be reckoned with in fusing Funk, R&B, Pop & Soul. Using a faithful recipe of some LA sunshine that gave light to many dancefloors with legendary productions by Baker-Harris-Young, Gene Page, Leon Sylvers, The Calloway Brothers, LA & Babyface, just to name a few. Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records was the premier label for the Los Angeles Sound and its lifestyle. SOLAR was the baby of the Chicago-bred SOUL TRAIN when the longest running syndicated television show & the hippest trip moved to LA. Griffey was Talent Coordinator for this iconic television show that showcased African American culture & the apex for dance-fashion culture.

As a genuine music lover & life long participant of Black Music &
Dance Culture, I felt it was beyond fitting to pay homage to a pivotal figure in music that gave the west coast a face to the sound and highlighted the most talented artists,musicians and writers that created a sound that still stands to this day.

In honor of the late great Dick Griffey & the entire SOLAR Records legacy, here’s a Top 25 of my favorite songs from the label (including SOUL TRAIN Records which was the original conception of SOLAR)

When Funk & Soul were in question during the 80’s..SOLAR was the ONLY label that stayed concistent with national hits which crossed ovet to the POP market yet remained true to its soulful roots.

    The Hustle + Afro Years

Rainbow | The Soul Train Gang
Make It With You | The Whispers
One For The Money pts 1 & 2 | The Whispers
Soul Train Theme 75′ | The Soul Train Gang
Chocolate Girl | The Whispers
Uptown Festival | Shalamar

    Jheri Curl + Jordache Jeans + Post Dashiki Years

Take That To The Bank | Shalamar
Girl | Shalamar
A Song For Donnie | The Whispers
And The Beat Goes On | The Whispers
Lady | The Whispers
All The Way Live | Lakeside

    California Curl + Reganomics Years

Second Time Around | Shalamar
I Owe You One | Shalamar
I Dont Want To Be A Freak (But I Cant Help Myself) | Dynasty
I’ve Just Begun To Love You | Dynasty
Show Me Where You’re Coming From | Carrie Lucas
In The Raw | The Whispers
Love Is Where You’ll Find It | The Whispers
Raid | Lakeside
Just My Luck | The Deele
Body Talk | The Deele
No Parking On The Dancefloor | Midnight Star
Slow Jam | Midnight Star
Deep Cover | Dr Dre ft Snoop Doggy Dogg


Save The Children | Bobby Womack
Sunbear | Self Titled
Jesse Jackson | Our Time Has Come