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Last year, I spent the best time in the right place to spend summertime, NYC. During my return visit, I heard that Public Eneny was playing at Central Park. Thus, on a Sunday afternoon I made my way in the rain while trying to figure out the various wings that the park is engulfed. As I was trying to find the main stage, I decided to follow the golden rule of every DJ, follow the music. While searching, I almost lost my mind in excitement when I heard Chee Chee & Peppy’s obscure Soul Classic “I Know That I’m In Love” along with Booker T and The MG’s “Melting Pot”. After I make my way to the main stage, I look up and it is the one & only KOOL HERC on the wheels of steel.

To everyone out there that has profited, celebrated and used the word HIP HOP in your vocabulary, I urge you to please help our General. What KOOL HERC has contributed to our lives is priceless and immeasurable, he has literally saved lives. There is NO EXCUSE for us to not contribute and help save the life our hero. At the moment, he is in need of help in footing his medical bills. I urge everyone to please join me in support of giving back to our hero as he gave his entire LIFE to bring joy and uplift the masses. I would not be doing what I do as an artist/dj if it were not for his contributions. Do The Right Thing People.

For all donations, send to:

Kool Herc Productions PO Box 20472 Huntington Station, NY 11746

Thank you for your time and support, Please spread the word.

One Love,


I would like to take time and introduce to you someone that has worked very close with me and the Unique74 family. He has worked wonders for me as a person and my company at which his creative vision and insight has helped to propel many great projects that we’ve produced. Most importantly, he is a true friend and someone that I have had tremendous moral support and creative direction from for over 10 + years. He is what we call a “stand up guy”, very few and far in this day and age.

The man I am speaking of is none other than Da’shon Is, who has recently released his first book that I encourage everyone to purchase. For those who seek self improvement and questions answered, Da’shon Is provides the blueprint in which we are seeking a higher ground. From Romance, Creative, Wealth to Finance ,Travel & other endeavors that we are aspiring for, this book is a central element in reaching these goals.

I highly encourage everyone to pick your online copy of:
“The Way of the Blessed Black Billionaire” by Da’Shon Is

Aquarius 101

by Dj A-Ski

Over the weekend, I attended a gathering with some good people and good vibrations to help bring in the weekend. As I was pondering through the book shelf at this gathering, my art director/spiritual advisor Da’shon Is told me to read a book that I was looking at entitled “The Life You Were Born To Live” by Dan Millman. He calculated my birthday and it came out to “29/11”. After he calculated it , he gave me this alarming look and told me to read the section in the book explaining “29/11”. It was some heavy business I must admit and I discovered that my hero NFL Hall of Famer/Activist Jim Brown is too a “29/11”!!

I wanted to break down from my personal experience and traits in which many of us Aquarians are known for in addition to our various, isms and attributes, or as Marvin Gaye would say “absolutes”.


We CHOOSE to bring you into our lives. We can take it or leave it, we are already in our own world with our own rules (if they are even any..). We practice loyalty to the fullest, if you demonstrate otherwise in return, do know that your pink slip was already written. We forgive but we NEVER forget.


We tend to practice the “inner lawyer” in all of us in order to protect our giving ways which is taken for weakness at times. You are already on trial as soon as you utter the first word. Case in point, dont ever say something such as “I have relationship issues”, to me that translates as “I cannot be trusted”. It is usually the biggest town cryers who commit the biggest crimes. Plus there is ALWAYS someone taking the witness stand, so whatever you THINK you are getting away with, we are taking inventory the whole time and compairing notes. We have to feel ultra comfortable with someone in order to eliminate the “inner lawyer” in us. Otherwise, if your behavior is concistent and you give in return what we give to you in abundance, life will be grand. Do you remember the role Taral Hicks played in BRONX TALE? ,that’s the look you want and we are silly putty after that. You will never be bored, Trust.


We tend to have a sharp sense of what’s to become a trend and lean towards our gut instinct in addition to our ongoing engagement with our ear to the streets (if you will). Typically, we are usually discredited for our ideas and ultra creativity but somehow the loyalty that we demonstrate is reciprocated by our true allies and supporters which validate our contributions. Integrity is a key element to our success. Otherwise, we would rather take the long climb uphill rather than the quick fix of instant gratification. Earning the interest of our long term gain is the goal for us rather than owing our principal out to someone who gave us a handout or a easy way in. We want it all if we put the sweat and time in it. There are some who become very afraid of our brazen moves due to our quiet nature, yet we remain very conservative in our free spirited movements.


We will sacrifice ourselves to make sure our loved ones are happy, no matter the cost or situation. However, our free spirited nature & honest approach can create waves (very similar reaction to the very few friends we hold). Overall the love is always unconditional and we cherish the moments of every minute while somehow incorporating nostalgia.

Caktuz vs Kanye + Brooklyn Love

Check for one of my closest friends and creative collaborator…he’s one of the most multi talented visual + graphic artist + rapper to ever come of out North Carolina. He has now invaded Europe, LA, NYC and coming to your town next!! dont sleep on the one they call CAKTUZ TREE…..check him out! He is one of those few people that I can say is beyond multi talented..check for his artwork as well…the cat is nice with it..(to all you so called, self titled “creative directors”..step your game up and take notes….my crew is above average..seriously…go and practice first..)

CURTIS | lyrics

“the righteous way to go, little one would know or believe if I told them so.”
-Curtis Mayfield

Unique74 + Beautiful Decay | REVISITED: NOSTALGIA 77 & ART DONT SLEEP

Good music is without question a timeless quality that lingers. Thus, I decided to share previous reviews that I wrote for BEAUTIFUL DECAY which can be found in their back catalog. Enjoy and download these fine audio offerings.

Nostalgia 77 | Everything Under The Sun | Ubiquity
Echoes of Free Form and Afro Blue are felt throughout
this refreshing piece. Various textures and tones of
depth are sprinkled on every track, with revisiting
moments of (if I may respectfully) John Coltrane,
Yusef Lateef, Flora Plurim and Kellee Patterson just
to name a few. The batucada friendly “Wildflower” is
infectious with a very tribal and majectic feel.
“Arora” is a very well composed tune with a reflective
mood while “Eastwind” is a jazz funk groove thats very
minimal yet tactful. Overall, this cd lives up to its
title by taking the listener on a musical sojourn
thats pure in range and emotion. This release is the
A-Ski | Beautiful Decay

Art Dont Sleep Presents | FROM LA WITH LOVE | Milan
An erray of assorted sounds and emotions bring together a hot bed of LA’s finest on this edgy release. Euphoric feelings blended with straight ahead tones are evident on this release. “All The Shallow Deep” feat Nobody/Blank Blue bears a Lalo Schriffin tone while backed by a funky/cool setting. In a beautifully brave remake of remake of Kool and The Gang’s “I Remember John W. Coltrane, Yesterday’s New Quintet delivers some serious funky tones. “Just Begin” feat A Race Of Angels is a warm, wet and vulnerable piece while Coleman’s “No Strings Attached” is a peaceful yet reflective track that is very moving. “Nag Champa by Carlos Nino /Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is a spritual awakening taking flight on an infinite level, an amazingly beautiful composition. From LA With Love bears various tones for all seasons while presenting an array of LA’s musical mavericks taking the listener on an never ending musical trip from Dusk til dawn, on and on.
A-Ski | Beautiful Decay

the runs..

Unique74 | Celebrating The Dream and The Legacy: HAPPY BIRHTDAY DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR!!

If everyone one could do me a small favor and excercise RESPECT, LOVE and PEACE for every living being around you and for yourselves. That is the ultimate way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR!

As we celebrate Dr Martin Luther King Jr, lets also celebrate the work and life of Coretta Scott King who stood by Dr King during his darkest moments to his times of triumph, she remained faithful and loyal to him. She was not there for convenience but to comfort and champion the cause. She too is to be saluted.

2.12 | SPIRIT~LA | special guest: A-Ski (Unique74)

Check out the new NBC Series “THE CAPE” | 1.9 | SUNDAY 9:00pm

Check out my DJ parnter in crime & friend + CHOICE Tuesday’s own Dorian Missick aka Tailwind Turner and the debut of his new NBC TV Series “THE CAPE” This Sunday Nite!!!
Time: 9:00PM Sunday, January 9th