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Aquarius 101

by Dj A-Ski

Over the weekend, I attended a gathering with some good people and good vibrations to help bring in the weekend. As I was pondering through the book shelf at this gathering, my art director/spiritual advisor Da’shon Is told me to read a book that I was looking at entitled “The Life You Were Born To Live” by Dan Millman. He calculated my birthday and it came out to “29/11”. After he calculated it , he gave me this alarming look and told me to read the section in the book explaining “29/11”. It was some heavy business I must admit and I discovered that my hero NFL Hall of Famer/Activist Jim Brown is too a “29/11”!!

I wanted to break down from my personal experience and traits in which many of us Aquarians are known for in addition to our various, isms and attributes, or as Marvin Gaye would say “absolutes”.


We CHOOSE to bring you into our lives. We can take it or leave it, we are already in our own world with our own rules (if they are even any..). We practice loyalty to the fullest, if you demonstrate otherwise in return, do know that your pink slip was already written. We forgive but we NEVER forget.


We tend to practice the “inner lawyer” in all of us in order to protect our giving ways which is taken for weakness at times. You are already on trial as soon as you utter the first word. Case in point, dont ever say something such as “I have relationship issues”, to me that translates as “I cannot be trusted”. It is usually the biggest town cryers who commit the biggest crimes. Plus there is ALWAYS someone taking the witness stand, so whatever you THINK you are getting away with, we are taking inventory the whole time and compairing notes. We have to feel ultra comfortable with someone in order to eliminate the “inner lawyer” in us. Otherwise, if your behavior is concistent and you give in return what we give to you in abundance, life will be grand. Do you remember the role Taral Hicks played in BRONX TALE? ,that’s the look you want and we are silly putty after that. You will never be bored, Trust.


We tend to have a sharp sense of what’s to become a trend and lean towards our gut instinct in addition to our ongoing engagement with our ear to the streets (if you will). Typically, we are usually discredited for our ideas and ultra creativity but somehow the loyalty that we demonstrate is reciprocated by our true allies and supporters which validate our contributions. Integrity is a key element to our success. Otherwise, we would rather take the long climb uphill rather than the quick fix of instant gratification. Earning the interest of our long term gain is the goal for us rather than owing our principal out to someone who gave us a handout or a easy way in. We want it all if we put the sweat and time in it. There are some who become very afraid of our brazen moves due to our quiet nature, yet we remain very conservative in our free spirited movements.


We will sacrifice ourselves to make sure our loved ones are happy, no matter the cost or situation. However, our free spirited nature & honest approach can create waves (very similar reaction to the very few friends we hold). Overall the love is always unconditional and we cherish the moments of every minute while somehow incorporating nostalgia.

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