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Five Special . lyrics

“Understanding and what our love is built on. So won’t you at least try to, respect what we’re about.”
-“Why Leave Us Alone” FIVE SPECIAL

This is one of those records where I lose all my cool if I where to hear it somewhere. I remember when I was 5, my Mom’s bank at the time (Security Pacific…yeah im taking it back..) were giving out free 12 inch promotional records through WEA and that was one of the singles in the stack! Like amazing right?

Lowdown | 8bitflip | nu electro

I cant even man did his thing on the rendition of the Boz Scaggs’ 1976 classic “Lowdown”! I have done many tracks on “Fruity Loops” at one time and I have to say it is a difficult process in getting “the groove”. But 8-bit sounds nailed it! Breakdowns and all..what he did is not an easy task..Bravo!

Makin’ Cash Money Crew | rewind

Yesterday I was out looking for a new Dj mixer + doing a little record digging. I happen to see a young lady rocking a very rare MCM purse. I tapped her shoulder and gave a big handclap, she laughed and says “Thank You, my grandmother gave it to me”…I asked her “what do you know about MCM?!”. I flashbacked on how many times I saw everybody in my high school year rock the bootleg editions forever and a day. There was even a clique on our campus called “Makin’ Cash Money” in which everybody in their crew rocked nothing but MCM sweatsuits..funny,crazy and good times in LA back in the day.



Fresh Kicks | DJ CENTER “In A Song (DJ SPINNA RMX) | listen.soundcloud

Unique74 meets SPIRIT LA | 2.12 | visual recap


UP-liftment | enter the stage of present thought

When you step away…you get to see what they are made of while you see what you are built of…
In order to rise have to WISE up…new conversations in 2011 and beyond people…Respect is ALWAYS the common ground…If they are not holding you UP … they are holding you up. Know your worth, show your worth.

One to grow on.

Love, Peace & Prosperity,
Dj A-Ski

Grammy 2011 Highlights

It amazes me what the “big dumb radio” and so called “Urban & Black Radio Staions” forget to add to their playlists…Congrats!

“die hard fans demand more..” -Wu Tang Clan (1997)

Unique74 | Ski Plays It Cool | Feb

1. The Beat Archives |The Imagination
2. Direct Soul | Erik Rico & Marc Mac
3. Never Gonna Give You Up | Soulful Strings
4. Suzie Creamcheese | Mothers of The Invention
5. Your’re As Right As Rain | Bob James
6. The Barber’s Daughter | Jimetta Rose
7. The Way You Make Me Feel | Ilhame Paris
8. Jamaica Funk | Towa Tei
9. Chunk of Sugar | Roger


10. Gaught Two | Dj A-Ski >


“its not about getting a bunch of files….its about CREATING a bunch of STYLES”…
Dj A-Ski