the musings, music & projects of Dj A-Ski..

Unique74 . verses | “Time”

by Dj A-Ski

The sound of mechanical devices distract a sense of being. Truth is the essence of existence for it is a structure of the present moment. Like careless doves, we fall into the everglades of our ideal worlds laced with oblivion. Apathetic amputations sever mind states into propoganda which turns into a living B movie at which you become the star within a fantasy of followers.

Time..wait..Time…as you stand within this plastic puzzle, the abyss of societal traps captivate with masked attitudes. The intrusion of depth and soul divorces one from nature and within it lies a fool’s paradise. As the clock ticks the physical shell hinders the inner, while the sands of daily gracings become thinner.

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