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Japan…YOU and the big picture.

I o/b/o of the UNIQUE74 family are sending our prayers, love and concern to the beautiful citizens of JAPAN. Personally, the images I witnessed on various outlets of media made me take a very critical look at what I have been embracing in my own life and allowing on various levels. There is a screen that we as a society tend to build for ourselves and forget the natural picture called REAL LIFE. Not the real life of how much is in your bank account, how much equity you are earning, the latest fashion trend or gadget, what lifestyle you are trying to attain..the list goes on.. As a society, there is a shift that must be paid attention to and we are ignoring it because of a nasty pronoun called “I”. Take for instance the various vices we use everyday for pure entertainment or business, such as the Ipod, IPad, IPhone, they all start with “I”, etc. Nothing against APPLE or electronics, but these are a prime examples of what’s taking us away from the bigger picture called LIFE. What happend in JAPAN can happen anywhere in the world. I say this to say, PLEASE take care of Mother Earth along with our minds and spirits in unison. Take care of your loved ones and don’t take this life for granted, BECOME are part of the bigger picture if WE want to make this a better planet. There is a lot of shifting energy and there needs to be a balance at this point. Please keep JAPAN in your hearts, minds and spirits. We send them ALL the LOVE in the world!! We STAND with you in LOVE and SOLIDARITY!! PS: a huge hug and a shout out to my brother ASATO & his family + all my DJ friends and fans!!..stay strong! We are going to get through this!!

Those who want to help can go to

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