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Analogue Confessions #1 (80’s)

True Story…In the the 3th grade our teacher asked us to recite our without hesitation..I start singing the chorus to this very song and the entire class chimes in right behind me (this record was HOT on the street at the time). The teacher is hating hard on the situation and threatens to call my Mom and suspend me..I called her bluff and responded “are we not saying our vowels?” Game Over..No suspension..

“Glide” | PLEASURE
Props to our 1st grade bus driver Mr Bush for rocking this one on many of our trips going home…Summertime Happy joint..(I use to think BRICK made this..)

“Jam The Box” | Bill Summers and Summers Heat
I almost got suspended for singing this one too…(it would’ve been worth it).

“Step Off” | The Furious 5
Summertime..84..this was probably the last of the superior battle records before the Def Jam/86-87 era took over..cream of the crop..Melle Mel seals the deal on this one..

Compiled by
Dj A-Ski

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