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recent digs > Nancy Wilson . Edgar Winter . Steve Miller

NANCY WILSON > Life, Love & Harmony | lp
Just copped the original pressing 4 this yesterday..still geeked…maximum grace in your face..the great James Gadson is on drums.

EDGAR WINTER < Free Ride | 7inch
This one I had to cop the 7inch due to the fat sound quality, especially when that breakdown comes in. 5 years ago, I use to work at the Braille Institute and my supervisor at the time informed me that the great Edgar Winter would drop in every so often..(I did run into Jay Leno for a couple of tapings at the location).

STEVE MILLER BAND < Rock n'Me | 7inch
There is some type of connection between Steve Miller & Johnny Guitar Watson..the same guitar lick that Steve plays on this song, Johnny later does in the first four bars of “Lover Jones”. I think that was JGW’s way of nodding to Steve about “Gangster Of Love” (which was JGW’s first major hit with that same title in 1957). This is another feel good jam that kicks off some steam.

Talk Show> 15 Minute Break: The Truth About Platonic Relationships

Yours truly sitting in on the talk show circuit courtesy of our friends at w/ HOST: Kimmie Marayama Calvert-Lehman


up guard.

Keep your guard UP always. Better them than you.


Question: Is there anyone with an AMERICAN APPAREL WHOLESALE contact or their competitor? Please hit me on the inbox, Much Appreciation!

look over your shoulder.

One thing I have learned and am still amazed is that there are always those handful of individuals who have your back during the craziest of times and victories..When the darkness approaches, they are the ones who hold up the mirror and remind you of who you truly are. Not only that, they always seem to appear out of nowhere when things get too thick. It only gets better. Stay winning and grinning.

The Score.

A couple weeks ago, I was tapped to produce my first film score. Its still surreal for me but I am beyond excited!!! I dont want to give away too much but I will say the project is going to be BEAUTIFUL!! I’m pulling all the stops out on this one..I have some very huge shoes to follow and look up to..The CHANGE THE MOOD album is about to drop plus other projects I am producing and developing…I am FINALLY working with people who are capable, gracious, mega talented and ready to produce quality projects!! In a really good space! Full speed!!

Margin and Error.

No margin for error. If you are scared, you may want to invest in a dog.

Events Into The Weekend!!

These are events that UNIQUE74 HIGHLY RECOMMENDS and MUSIC to add to your soundtrack!!!

UNIQUE74 says GO!!!> SOULNIC | THIS is the dopest park jam in LA..hands down…I am booked at a private event that very day (but there in spirit!) in my mind I will be thinking about how you all will be jamming on the one in the park…I played and participated last year and had a blast!! A MUST ATTEND!!

later that nite…

Sunday, June 26 at 9:00pm – June 27 at 2:00am
2nd Street Jazz
366 E.2nd St
Created By
Beatcanvas LosAngeles
More Info
This SUNDAY!!!

The Hip Hop DJ Night
Every 4th Sunday of the month

Old School Hip Hop & Jazzy Hip Hop

☆Special MPC Performance☆




Check out one of the most astounding artist of his time…you WILL be entertained..He is one of my Top 5 favorite artists that ALWAYS puts on a killer LIVE SHOW!!! Anybody who has worked with the likes of QUINCY JONES & STEVIE WONDER has got to have something SPECIAL!!! MR DEREK MCKEITH brings the heat…be there!

Wednesday, June 29 · 10:00pm – 11:00pm
The Roxy Theater
9009 Sunset Boulevard
Created By
Derek McKeith
More Info
Admission – $12 – ALL AGES ALLOWED!!!! ( 🙂 Parents. No excuse now)

The 1st 40 people will receive a FREE copy of my album ‘The Signature’, w/ admission.

Hey look, I know it’s a Wednesday, BUT this WILL help you get over that hump. I PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR TIME. Plus I’ll do it in 30 min. for you!!!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have some fun with ya’ll again! It’s gonna be a BLAST! Ya Dig!!!

See you there!

my brother.

Im taking a break from recording and he takes a break from editing films..chilling at The DO OVER checking out DJ CAM from PARIS!! This is my long time friend and brother, CREATOR da’shon is. One of the most STAND UP cats that has really been a true blue dude all the way through. Big Shout to SOULSOL for holding it down on the photo!!

Young Frankie and The Isleys

(this apparently was taken at the photo shoot for the “LIVE IT UP” album)