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recent digs > Nancy Wilson . Edgar Winter . Steve Miller

NANCY WILSON > Life, Love & Harmony | lp
Just copped the original pressing 4 this yesterday..still geeked…maximum grace in your face..the great James Gadson is on drums.

EDGAR WINTER < Free Ride | 7inch
This one I had to cop the 7inch due to the fat sound quality, especially when that breakdown comes in. 5 years ago, I use to work at the Braille Institute and my supervisor at the time informed me that the great Edgar Winter would drop in every so often..(I did run into Jay Leno for a couple of tapings at the location).

STEVE MILLER BAND < Rock n'Me | 7inch
There is some type of connection between Steve Miller & Johnny Guitar Watson..the same guitar lick that Steve plays on this song, Johnny later does in the first four bars of “Lover Jones”. I think that was JGW’s way of nodding to Steve about “Gangster Of Love” (which was JGW’s first major hit with that same title in 1957). This is another feel good jam that kicks off some steam.

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