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My Creative Director, dear brother, friend, Spiritual Advisor..CREATOR da’shon is. is producing a project called BLISS YOGA FLOW DVD , he needs your eyes, ears, mind, heart and support. This is a project that is geared to enlighten and awaken the human spirit. has been a huge contribution to my company and me as a human being that strives to embrace excellence in my daily walk..Check it out..One Love..Dj A-Ski

In the beginning….

a message from..
Elika Aird

It all began one night in the parking lot of one of Atlanta’s hottest restaurant/bars, SoundTable. New filmmaker Da’shon is. was showing me the music video he recently directed. I was so amazed at the quality and creativity! I started dreaming aloud and sharing my thoughts of creating a yoga video unlike any other on the market. This video would include yogis of color and reach a diverse range of viewers. Da’shon is., being an elevated man with a great sense of adventure and vision was more than ready to direct. I thought this was an almost ludicrous idea. But I spoke it into existence, and in a short time my dream became a full blown reality…with lights, cameras and yogis!

Our vision…

This video will introduce a new way of living to an under-served community. For people living with depression, dis-ease, and disinterest, the BlissTemple DVD will change their lives. It will show the world how living a life that honors the body temple, creates a life full of Bliss. As African-Americans, we are often under represented on the yoga scene. This makes access to yoga difficult for people who would really benefit from it. BlissTemple Yoga Flow aims reach a clientele both inside and outside the yoga community. We want to empower ALL beings to be happy and free. We want to encourage people live in alignment in the Blissful bodies we were born with!

How you can support….

The video has been shot, and now we must raise funds for the editing process. We aim to raise $7200 to pay for post-production costs.

Everyone has graciously donated their time and services to this project. But in order to pay for editing, pressing the DVDs and getting it out to the world we’re gonna need your help. Because so many studios and consumers have expressed an interest in pushing this video, we are confident the funds will come together and allow for a speedy post-production. When our goal is met, we will have this groundbreaking video on the market by fall!

We want you to know that whatever donation you give is a Blessing. Look to the right to see the sweet rewards you’ll receive for your contribution.

Other Ways You Can Help

Be our bestest friends and “LIKE” us on Facebook. Also, follow us on Twitter and receive updates about the status of our campaign!

Feel Bliss in your hearts knowing that you are helping us reach our goal by spreading the word to your friends! Encourage them to join the BlissTemple Movement!

Thank you for your time.

Learn More!

bracing myself.

Finally mixed down the CHANGE THE MOOD album…its officially done!! I’m bracing myself….I can feel it..the people around me can feel it..a lot of changes have taken place during the completion of this album..heavy changes..enlightenment.. However, I am staying on focus mode and precision more than ever. I’m working on other releases for the UNIQUE74 imprint as well…all of this has been in the making.. My team has been keeping me on point and focused..staying cool and razor sharp..

Diamond D – So Lovely (dj premier rmx)

this s–t is NICE!!! gotta have my rah rah joints every now and then..Primo comes in super nice on the drum programming while Diamond as always flips the ill braggadocio style..

Unique74 | livin’ 4 the funk | The Isley Brothers – If You Were There

The very reason why my childhood was better than anyone born after 1975..f–king BRILLIANT!!!!

Q. (I MUST meet him.)

I have been blessed to work very close with many of his friends and associates, but I have yet to meet The Man himself…I am putting it out in the Universe..we MUST meet..


Unique74 | livin’ 4 the funk | James Brown It’s A New Day Live 1970 | (never enough James..)

The dude who snuck his tape recorder in the concert..gets a huge standing ovation..

inspiration. hero 101.

Q and Mr Hancock doing that “art thing”. Observe. Learn. Respect.

the ONLY reason I watch TMZ…(guilty treasure..)

im sayin…if there was anyone on television that would get nailed to the 10th feeling her..(I dont even watch TV like that..whats even crazy is that she hardly says anything! very sweet…super nerd….) All Eyes On Anna K all day..

dr dre.

I rarely catch television. Too busy creating or on the grind date. However, I must say that it felt good to see my hero, DR DRE on the new Chrysler commercial. cLAssic.


I recently saw the Teddy Pendergrass episode of TV ONE’s “UNSUNG” series. In the segment, they made reference that Teddy’s main contenders during the late 70’s was PEABO BRYSON and AL GREEN. I heavily disagree. For the record, I was 5 yrs old when TP hit his prime with “Turn Off The Lights” and everybody had the Teddy jeans while eating Reggie Jackson candy. At that time, Peabo Bryson was making waves with his strong Gospel infused sounds while Al Green during that period went heavily into the ministry (only to return in the mid 80’s with his strong comeback hit “Everything Is Going To Be Alright”). During this period, it was Peabo Bryson and Michael Henderson that were his strong contenders (the vets..Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Barry White, etc were revamping their sounds and adjusting to the disco sound). MICHEAL HENDERSON was coming off the heels of writing and producing for artists such as The Dramatics, Norman Connors and Jean Carn just to name a few in addition to being a multitalented artist and performer with a plethora of hits. Just an FYI. Peace.