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my homie.

While the other one you are holding up is messing up…there is always that one in the background that is laying in the cut..I have a very dear friend whom I have known for eons and a day (nearly 20 yrs…whoa..where does the time go?). We actually met during my early years in college as I was pursuing my degree in Entertainment Law (that’s another conversation..why was Kimora Lee Simmons in my class though? and FINE even then..we both took the same night class). Somehow, me and my friend got into this huge heated debate on world affairs. I admired how she stuck to her guns and didn’t back down, from then we became thick as thieves. We have both seen each other in various stages of our lives and there are times where we don’t see each other for years or months but when we connect, its always like the time never passed. She is someone that has followed my career from the very start and has damn near been to EVERY party I threw or played..Its funny because many would think that we would be an item but our friendship is so heavy it goes beyond the physical realm. In every situation i’ve been in, she has ALWAYS had my back and embraced me, vice versa. You want to talk about LOYAL…she is the epitome of the word. I remember one time, she was wiping the sweat from my face as I was playing a party (as she has done MILLIONS of times..) and my ex-girlfriend made it a federal case (which is perfectly normal). However, I was thinking to myself..”why is she doing YOUR job? stop complaining and take your position!” (again it shows the difference between lip service and genuine concern..those who yell the loudest..) I could’ve been worn the a–hole hat and said that but I fell back and explained that she is very dear friend. I even introduced them before hand..(cant say the same was done for me but thats another story..). Anyhow, I ran into my friend at an event the other day and we danced, laughed and had a great time. Very recently we kinda had a business falling out and I basically told her to fall back (translation: when you meet my business criteria and “go harder” than me, we can do business). Why did she follow up with me two weeks later with a business proposal and was very vocal about me shunning her away (lol). Talk about dedication! I let it be known that we are still cool but I had to let her go on the business end until she met my standard of business practice and regiment (i’m firm about my business, only room for one Captain..I worked with the best..). We worked it out and are possibly going into some business ventures. Thats my daaaawwwwg!! Big time, there are some friendships that stand the test of time. There was always that playful thing we always have but never do we cross the line, that’s how tight we are.

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