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I was always taught from a child, if you know better. Anyone that has known me for more than 5 minutes and 30 pls years will tell you that I have been a long active participant in various social, community and youth advancement programs/ organizations. I am very honored to be part of this latest project. Under the magnificent leadership of DR SHANI BYARD, yours truly in conjunction with my esteemed colleagues (Brother J of X Clan, Sebastien Elkouby, Jason MPRVS Johnson, Mark Anthony Benson) will be producing a Talent Development/Artistic Expression program titled “WALKING IN RHYTHM” that is at its beginning stages which will serve as an alternative to the void of various arts programs that have vanished from public schools due to lack of funding. I am looking forward to producing this series and cultivation future expressions and talent. More importantly, saving lives..We encourage you to join us and participate.

Brother J of X Clan, DJ A-Ski, Sebastien Elkouby, Jason MPRVS Johnson, Mark Anthony Benson & Dr. Shani Byard present…


>Develop your creative voice, open mic style, on friday night!

>Enter the Legacy Talent Search for a chance to be featured at the Grand Opening Village Festival for Message Media Ed!

Featured Artists
Open Mic
Video Podcast

Beginning, Friday, August 5th
$5 (includes FREE snacks!)
Ages 13 – 18

*Parents should sign in youth under 18
**No drugs, cursing or use of the n-word allowed

CALL/TEXT 323-708-2526 2 RSVP & 4 INFO

**PARENTS!** DIGITAL LYRICIST XCHANGE is brought to you by a circle of EDUCATORS & ARTISTS seeking to create culturally diverse, fun, healthy learning spaces for exploring history and real issues facing young people through MEDIA, MUSIC, HIP HOP, POETRY, VISUAL ART, DANCE, EXPRESSION & CREATIVITY.

Hosted by:
Message Media Ed – School of Black Leadership in the Digital Age
4923 W. Adams Blvd. LA 90016 (just east of La Brea Blvd.)
Call to schedule an orientation, 323-708-2526 See More

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