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changing the mood..

Im beyond anxious to release this album..Well, before I go there.. The meeting (I had mentioned in the previous blog) for the distribution/A&R project was postponed today due to conflicting time frames..However, I am not putting my eggs in one basket. I have other options on the table for distribution, but it would be nice for this one to go through smooth due to the fact the gentleman I will be working with is a longtime supporter who clearly understands my business ethics and content. But I don’t want to weigh in too much on it, I always have the other options just in case. Besides, we already spoke on that scenario in the previous phone conference if things don’t work out. A lot of folks have been approaching me about spinning and weekly venues, etc. To be frank, I became burnt out in playing babysitter, promoter, photographer, PR person in addition to rocking the party at the end of the nite. There have been many changes in today’s crowd and vibes here in LA that has kind of made me fall back and concentrate on niche events and private parties that are well deserving, rather than the typical run of the mill cliche. For over 20 YEARS+ under my belt , my brand and name has been built on quality and in no form or fashion will I conform to mediocracy. In the words of the late Guru(GANG STARR) “I work too hard for my royalty”. I look forward to branching out and playing overseas where I have a very nice following throughout various parts of EUROPE ..I ALWAYS love PLAYING NEW YORK!!! My EAST COAST heads ALWAYS come through (LOVE YALL 4 LIFE!!). Im also looking forward to getting down in the South, SF, Seattle and a few other pockets. Right now, I am in a creative zone that is very wide open and I am developing new sounds that I hope will be pleasing to the spirit as well as the ears. I have a new team and old faithfuls that are working nite and day to make sure UNIQUE74 continues to provide quality and constantly stay fresh. The best has yet to come..

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