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Happy Birthday BILL COSBY!!

He is one of the main inspirations as to why I am completing my last two years for my B.A. degree this Fall (aiming for my Masters next). I made two attempts last year in finishing my classes but I was going over my head in producing events, negotiating/writing contracts, playing parties, developing/grooming other DJ’s, building my company alongside working side projects (in other words..working my ass In addition, I wasnt under a nurturing or warm environment, nor was I getting the proper rest (only civilians get rest, we artists are lab rats by nature). However, I did have an advertising class last year in which I earned a B grade in the course, Math I did not do so well. The bulk of my undergrad work I completed in the early 90’s at Santa Monica College, but I got a taste of the party scene and getting paid for my art which eventually led to my hiatus in academia (my counselors and professors nearly begged me to come back to school). Little known fact, in 1994 I was called to go on tour with OZOMATLI to fill in for their DJ. I remember being very excited yet hesitant due to the fact that I would have to start touring during mid terms!! I remember calling their manager Nancy (at the time) and telling her I could not do it but thanked her and the crew for such a golden opportunity. Thats how much education means to me. I use to get offers to tour and intern like crazy due to the fact that I was grinding super hard while going to school (selling my signature mix tapes, raiding and organizing the record library of the great GARY CALIMAR as an intern at KCRW, President of the BSU, super active in the student body council, held 12+ units, etc I literally did it ALL..). I took a break (a 15 year break to be exact, became increasingly busy in producing events and playing parties, but I had to pump the breaks and finish what I started with school). Cos was the first gentlemen that I saw in the game during the height of success, return to college and earn his Ph.D. He was able to maintain balance of the entertainment field and education smoothly. Happy Birthday to the man, the legend, the icon..Mr Bill Cosby (long live MUDFOOT!)

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