the musings, music & projects of Dj A-Ski..

a word from the DJ…RE: after hours jam

People People…you have witnessed the trainwrecks..the lack of style and finesse..seen them scrambling trying to figure out what to play next..smh..staring at their laptops..placing themselves above YOU (the party people who PAY your hard earned money at the bar AND the door..smh)..lemme tell ya something..I am NO ROCKSTAR or a GIMMICK..This is not an “I am the best” ego thing (Ultra Confident..YES..Prepared..YES…Skills..YES..Multifaceted..YES) I am simply DJ A-SKI aka the LIFE of the PARTY..Ladies and Gents..I ENCOURAGE you to join us THIS SATURDAY at the after hours jam at “SHHHHH AFTER HOURS..”MAKE SURE YOU TELL THE DOORMAN that you came to see DJ A-SKI and I PROMISE you will get beyond your money’s worth..from every STREET, SUITE or BOROUGH…I ALWAYS come thorough..ask your best friend..if you dont have one, I highly suggest you make one fast. 4 those who know..please get your power nap..See u awn Saturday..its Summertime and I am ready to FIRE IT UP!!!

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