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male vs man.

“If maleness comes to symbolize raw competition, how do males learn to offer love, brotherly support and simple humanity?” -Bill Withers

Is it one day where Man can actually simply be human rather than a misguided perception of what a Man is considered to be? I have pondered this all of my life as I have always maintained a very Zen-like approach in all of my dealings (yet, always ready to deal with “non believers” in a very firm stance..NEVER get it twisted..). I have seen the other side my entire life where the effects of the male ego have taken over basic logic and in many cases dictated one’s mere existence. The one who flexes and pounds his chest the loudest is usually the BIGGEST punk at the end of the day. I have always been the silent type…what do I know? Just recently, I was in a jam where I had to put this gentleman in his place. It was an issue where there was a misunderstanding and his ego didn’t allow him to monitor his conduct. Thus, I had to retort in a language that he could understand and drive the point home in a stern manner (why was there a very attractive tall young lady who gave me a look as if she was ready to give me her social security number and all after she witnessed that situation…a brother gotta damn near act a fool to get some love..geeez..I cant be a nice guy! lol) Whats even crazier is that another young lady approached me and said that the guy was wrong in how he addressed me (I tolerate NO DISRESPECT period..). It was all a miscommunication issue from jump street. However, at the end of the situation, I came to the conclusion that it was all ego (I kinda flexed a bit too). But I wonder will there ever be a time where Man can co-exist where we all can be multi-dimensional and fully experience the various facets of simply being human without ego? Its very tricky in trying to work that balance. Just a thought.

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