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denise departure.

life and time are THE greatest comedians ever. eye met her 2 yrs ago on an out of town trip, kept my head very low. introduced by a mutual. eye looked at her once and really really kept my head low (for my own good…I was in a 5 yr “deal”…I am an honorable MAN..). we clicked, linked and bonded post Nov 15. she comes 2 my town. 4 once I got back what I had been giving for so long (my artistic merit and humanity was treasured just as I expressed in hear the words “I want you to be happy” rang louder than a shot in the night..I aint use to hearing be truthful..) never repeated myself nor did eye have to explain very much. it felt surreal being human again. she didn’t KNOW me..but she KNEW me (its a difference). its like we knew each other forever but for only 2 minutes it lasted. time, obligations, distance and circumstances called life made our nirvana very short but it sent a shockwave of inspiration. eye told her that it felt like when Denise left The Huxtables with her being away. she told me once I go through the phases of grimy, I will become very shiny. heavy.

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