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I recently saw the Teddy Pendergrass episode of TV ONE’s “UNSUNG” series. In the segment, they made reference that Teddy’s main contenders during the late 70’s was PEABO BRYSON and AL GREEN. I heavily disagree. For the record, I was 5 yrs old when TP hit his prime with “Turn Off The Lights” and everybody had the Teddy jeans while eating Reggie Jackson candy. At that time, Peabo Bryson was making waves with his strong Gospel infused sounds while Al Green during that period went heavily into the ministry (only to return in the mid 80’s with his strong comeback hit “Everything Is Going To Be Alright”). During this period, it was Peabo Bryson and Michael Henderson that were his strong contenders (the vets..Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Barry White, etc were revamping their sounds and adjusting to the disco sound). MICHEAL HENDERSON was coming off the heels of writing and producing for artists such as The Dramatics, Norman Connors and Jean Carn just to name a few in addition to being a multitalented artist and performer with a plethora of hits. Just an FYI. Peace.

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