the musings, music & projects of Dj A-Ski..


Its funny…whenever I get tense during the daily grind (the chosen few that have witnessed me in the trenches…know for a fact that I have ALWAYS went long and hard!) I always say to myself that I will end up being the hip rich older dude with the nice assortment of young eye candy at my fingertips..(not that I dont now..but the candy is much sweeter once you’ve reached the apex) You go through the stress of trying to prove yourself in your younger years, i’d rather sweat and work it out now so I can enjoy it with no interruptions later. A very close friend told me that I will be able to enjoy the fruits of my hard work and creativity..I look forward to that day..Also the candy will be much sweeter (25 to my 50…don’t sound bad at all…) For all that I have endured and withstood..I know my place in the shade is waiting. All drinks on me.

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