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Unique74 remembers…”Baby Girl”

Man…I still miss her. She was one of those few artist that had the appeal to reach a mass audience while going above the so called “Urban” box (always had a HUGE problem with that term and what it stands for…thats another conversation..) She was POP, R&B, HIP HOP, SOUL.. My fondest memory was when I first encountered her during my days as an intern for VIRGIN EMI while hanging out at the “ROMEO MUST DIE” listening party. That night was WILD..I had like 5 long island iced teas…(STILL went to work the next day..) I remember very well checking out KELIS with her green hair and nicely fat booty (yes, I was smitten..) That nite was bananas..saw all the homies. I ran into a certain producer who was a complete douche (we will remain nameless) I thought to myself- “this n— is a straight HERB..square like a rubix cube” like many of those types who come into “new money”. Anyhow, the highlight took place when she was walking around taking in the vibe- she was STUNNINGLY beautiful..very gracious, a silent beauty that stood out without her even saying a word. Her legacy is timeless and is greatly missed..we still celebrate her greatness.

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