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A very special THANK YOU to THE LOS ANGELES TIMES for coming to party with us at CHOICE TUESDAYS last week at ONYX LOUNGE!! It was a blast indeed!!! Plus a big shout out to SAHR & the cast of FELA! for being part of the CHOICE  family & continued support!!!

A-Ski’s Top 5 New Year`s Resolution Tips | 2012

1. Get Yours.

2. Get Yours.

3. Get Yours.

4. Get More.

5. Give More.

Bonus* 6* Distance yourself from those who are ungrateful to you. I dont care if its your so called significant other, your friends, associates, family members, etc Lets see how they stand up without you, while you stand out without believe that. If they dont write checks or increase your value in any form or fashion..get rid of them with a quickness.

*7*. Get Yours.

“ball so hard” * (Jay Z voice)* Air Jordan

Why? Because, HE CAN.

He was the underdog from the gate. As a fellow Aquarian, MJ has a method to his madness in his business acumen. Very few NBA players post the MJ era can say they have marketed and branded themselves in over 3 generations. Congrats to his new soon to be marriage and the skyrocketing of his sneaker brand amongst his other epic business ventures.

(Dont blame him for the bad management at shoe stores and the lack of bad parenting of the kids who participated in rioting the moment his shoe was released…the parents need their ass whipped, not the kids).



Been looking for this RANCE ALLEN album produced by THE MIZELL BROS for the longest..finally scored.


Livin` for the Funk: BOOTSY COLLINS

@5:44 -6:00  #epic #breakdown

Right before that he says “right here” and goes into the clap thing..but he is directing the band AND the attention. the clavinet wins again!!

The only thing missing is JAMES BROWN himself.


all good.

large posteriors are a good thing..very good. #PSA

the CHOICE was yours last nite LA..

Last nite’s CHOICE was “dumb fly” and packed to a point where we literally had to turn people away (still they waited. ..WOW!). We were also honored to have a return visit from the esteemed company and cast of FELA! ON BROADWAY including Mr. SAHR NGAUJAH bless the nite! Also a special appearance from RHETT FRAZIER and countless other really beautiful people! We Thank You! Stay tuned next Tue for the debut of my new outfit CHANGE THE MOOD ENSEMBLE at the PRE NYE edition of CHOICE! #UNIQUE74 

Barry White | Hero101

@12:50 he keeps it REAL…lol..cLAssic!!! I remember meeting BW very briefly before his homecoming and I told him..”you know im not washing my right hand for a month..” he started laughing with the biggest grin. He was a very close associate to my Mom and her running buddies on the Eastside during their high school days when BW was trying to make a name for himself. Yes, he was paying some serious dues back then and was always into music. However, she also informed me that BW and  his “crew” were not the dudes to deal with if you came incorrect, but he was always a gentleman.



Unique74 Remembers…Mr Ralph MacDonald

He was of the elite in percussion players for eons in countless sessions, he had a very distinct style which set him apart. The Creed Taylor catalogue has his mark all over those sessions in addition to countless heartbroken..Rest Bro Ralph..Grover is waiting on you..