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Unique74 Remembers… Mr DON CORNELIUS…

I dont even know what to say or how to react..He was the reason why BLACK MUSIC and CULTURE yielded a diverse roster in style, sound, perspective and creative direction. No other television show celebrated Black (dont be afraid to say it with me African Americans..BLACK) expression on a diverse level the way SOUL TRAIN presented. Thus creating a lingering appeal that has lasted 40 yrs plus which helped set the tone for just about every Music outlet on an international scale..As a kid (I understood very clearly) and was proud to see people that looked like me and my family on television be represented with pride, dignity & style..”They” fought him tooth and nail in bringing such a vision that would not only give Black artists a fair shake in exposure in which the world would be privy to an AUTHENTIC experience in sound & style that is presented & celebrated by those very people..This Chi-town native carried the blueprint of his days at WVON which eventually became a audio visual outlet that not only changed the game but it changed minds..I would not dare to dream, create, raise the stakes if it were not for a visionary named DON CORNELIUS..(I was so very lucky to speak, meet and shake the man’s hand 3yrs ago..)..He was an institution..Rest In Paradise..

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