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Soul. Jazz. Soul. Gospel. Pop. Supreme. Respect. Standard. Apex. Icon. Queen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. ARETHA FRANKLIN!!!



Definitive. Soul. Jazz. Funk. Incomparable. Style. Original. Icon. Happy Birthday CHAKA KHAN!

Ski Plays It Cool | March | Top 10

1. Conscious | Womack & Womack (Soul Clap edit)

2. More Love (Bossa Soula Remix) |Ahmed Sirour (c/o Robert Glasper) >

3. Nas | The Don

4. Improvised Jam | NERD 

5. Brazilian Love Affair | George Duke 

6. 2012 | Sonnymoon 

7. Ghana Emotion | Omar 

8. Everything In Time (Remixed) | Dj Center 

9. I Cant Let Go (live in RIO 80′) | EWF

10. I Am Your Mind (pt 2/Unreleased) | Roy Ayers 




“Sneaky Disposition” ft Manifest [prod. by Mayhem Manny]

Unique74 Feature | D-FELIC live at CHOICE Tuesdays | Recap

Here is a recap of D-FELIC (Holland) live in the mix at CHOICE Tuesdays 2 weeks ago!! Check it out!!Image

blind eye.



Turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to typical and mediocre. Only squares get easily excited. Embrace Excellence.


He is one of the reasons I take the craft of production serious. ICON.



Happy Birthday to a Hero, Icon, Creator, Maverick, Mogul, Producer, Mr. QUINCY JONES!

Icon. Innovator. Style. Fly. Left field. Definitive. Funk101. Maverick. Genius. Creator. Producer. Writer. Happy Birthday Mr SLY STONE!

Unique74 Recap* 3.10 Saturday Nite SPECIAL. Crocker Club | DTLA

I learned and know one thing this past nite..nothing is more powerful than TRUTH & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..I want to thank everybody that came and shared the vibe with us last saturday nite at SATURDAY NITE SPECIAL at CROCKER CLUB!! A lotta good spirits blessed us and shared the vibe of good music, good people and unified groove..beyond humbled and grateful..stay tuned for the next  SPECIAL session! One Love!!

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living for the funk: Sly and The Family Stone + Little Sister “Somebody’s Watching You”

pretty pretty pretty as a picture
witty witty witty as you can be
blind cause your eyes see only glitter
closed to the things that make you free

ever stop to think about a downfall
happens at the end of every line
just when you think you’ve pulled a fast one
happens to the foolish all the time

somebody’s watching you (4’xs)

games are to played with toys etcetera
love is to be made when you’re for real
ups and downs are caused by life in general
some are yours no matter how you feel

shady as a lady in a mustache
feelings camouflaged by groans and grins
secrets have a special way about them
moving to and fro among your friends

somebody’s watching you (4’xs)

live it up today if you want to
live it down tomorrow afternoon
sunday school don’t make you cool forever
neither does the silver of your spoon

the nicer the nice the higher the price
this is what you pay for what you need
the higher the price the nicer the nice
jealous people like to see you bleed

somebody’s watching you (4x’s and fades out)


Unique74* In The Lab w/ D-FELIC (Netherlands)

We had a chance to catch up with Holland’s beat making music sensation D-FELIC who blessed LA this week with a blazing DJ set at our two events CHOICE Tuesdays & HIGH END STEREO!!! He talks MILES DAVIS, PRINCE and analog vs digital..check it!!

1. What are your favorite instruments? 

I started out playing piano. So everything with black and white keys I like. My favorites are the Fender Rhodes piano and MiniMoog.

2. How did you become a DJ? 

I started out in high school.. Just like to play my records at schoolpartys.

3. Who were your influences? 

4. Who are your favorite artists? 

This kinda questions are so difficult. I go by some name who really got me inspired to start to make my own music.There is a lot. But to name a few; George Clinton, Prince, Leon Ware, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and A Tribe Called Quest. From the new school, Amp Fiddler, Marc de Clive Lowe.

5.If you were stuck on an island, which 5 records would you choose? 

  1. Miles Davis – On the corner
  2. Parliament – Motorbootyaffair
  3. Joe Hisaichi – Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suit3
  4. Leon Ware – Musical Massage
  5. Kings of Convenience – Riot on a empty street
  6. Prince – Black album

6.How is the scene in Holland and what are the most popular sounds? 

Holland is very diverse. There a lot of small scenes. But the soul scene is the smallest. So that’s why I’m happy to get those opportunities overhere in Los Angeles.

7. Are you a musician or a DJ first? 

I’m a musician first who likes to DJ too.

8.How did you get your alias? 

I started DJ’ing as DJ Dunk-A-Felic. Like 4 years ago I shortened it to D-Felic.

10. Analog or Digital? 

I like best of both worlds. I’m recording lots of analog keyboards digitally.

If you listen to my music you will hear the mix between analog and digital.

11. Any plans in the near future, we should look out for?

There is a lot coming up in 2012. I just finished an EP with some vocalists from LA. I’m busy how to get it released. I’m going to write new music for a new album. I’m going to do some more collabo’s and remixes and productions for other artists. And try to do as much gigs as possible. Just keep working hard!