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Happy Birthday ISAAC HAYES!!!!


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Tainted Love.

Spoke with “a certain person” on Friday..I don’t know why I expect the best. It was more of a reminder as to why we can never meet common ground. No matter my efforts, its never appreciated (back to day one).  Perhaps, it was also a reminder that I was too faithful and optimistic in celebrating the wrong person. It was all a lie. So ready for Europe like already..Change The Mood. 



HEADspace welcomes the Soulful House sounds of the one and only Dorian Missick aka TAILWIND TURNER!!!!  + JAZZ & DINNER at 8pm/ 2 for 1 Drink Specials 8pm-11pm + CHANGE THE MOOD Performing LIVE + Special Guest & more TBA!| THIS THURSDAY !! Cafe Entourage 8/16 | NO COVER ALL NITE. Bottle Service. Booth-Dinner Reservations c/o: Unique74events @

TAILWIND TURNER : This Brooklyn bred DJ is known for rocking the ultimate Soulful anthems & dance gems. Many of you may also have seen him on the silver screen and iconic TV shows such as “CSI”, “LAW & ORDER” and currently the TNT hit TV series “SOUTHLAND”. He has become one of the most treasured and valued tastemakers in the scene and is well known for “breaking” (introducing) new music in his sets.


Atlantic Salmon, Spinach with diced Garlic, Lemon Pepper, I does what I due (Yes, I am well aware that is grammatically incorrect. Street talk) . I haven’t had Beef or Chicken two years +. Cheers. #SteelesKitchen

HEADspace | 8.9 | recap

Big shout to everybody that partied with us last nite c/o HEADspace!! Emile Porée and CHANGE THE MOOD ENSEMBLE rocked the house with their flipped out Jazz rendition of the RICK JAMES classic “GIVE IT TO ME BABY” epic!! A lotta beautiful faces in the place in addition to Abdul Shakir closing the night with a beautiful soulful house set!!+ the birthday heads who partied till closing!! Big shout out to special guests in the place that came added on to the vibe!!: Waberi Jordan & Erik Rico!!! Stay tuned for next Thursday!!! We got more in store!!! (RSVP Early for Birthday & Booth Reservations: Unique74events )



Yo, you gotta keep it “Radio Raheem” on mofos man..Retrograde is on one… Been put to the test this week..a few dum dums almost caught “the force” (Rule of Thumb: never piss off the peace maker, the cool or silent dude..period..) . However, I keep it in perspective. Don’t take it personal…take inventory. Cheers.

Theo Parrish (Slices DVD Feature)


“Im not comfortable with convenience replacing artistry…”
Theo Parrish Feature. Taken from Slices Issue 1-12.
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killed the soda..95% water, ginseing tea & this on ocassion. Upgrade..



stakes is high. u better know your worth with a quickness. #law



Unique74* HEADspace w/ EMILE POREE’ (ENCORE PERFORMANCE!!!) + Special Guest DJ* ABDUL SHAKIR | 8.9.12

HEADspace featuring Emile Poree’ and Dj Abdul Shakir…
come for our jazz and dinner set starting at 8pm sharp.. not to be missed!!
this is becoming a proper spot for like minded heads to collaborate and share each others visions… join us