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Happy Birthday to THE DON!!

jumping the broom. (think)

I will say this much..Gents, dont kneel down for somebody that aint gonna stand up for you ..stay attention..Respect yourself FIRST..

back on the block.

Dig..just got my laptop back from MAC repair (ran into SHAQ on the way out..word!) word of advice..It is a number one street rule as it applies to life as well..BACK IT UP!!! Make sure all of your files are backed up, I luckily was unscathed with all the gems intact..However, I had 75% already backed up..still it is a pain in the ass..The logic board had to be replaced.. I plunked down a grip to get it back in operation (Give Thanks)..back to biz. Cheers.


A-Ski. LA (Eastside). Circa 88

Inspiration Focus

to my good dudes on that grind..stay focused..stay razor sharp..stay away from the dream killers..the finish line is close..champagne on me.


Livin’ For The Funk: “Put Out The Fire” -Lamont Dozier

I gotta give it up to WIZ KHALIFA for re-introducing me this record..When I use to visit my Pops in “The Dons” as a kid (slang term for the BALDWIN HILLS section of South LA) , I use to see this record a lot at the top of his collection. This is on some serious 1970’s “jack move” kind of music (especially that creeping bass line at the beginning) courtesy of DETROIT’s own THE POLITICIANS. 7 years ago I had the honor of finally meeting and shaking hands with Mr Dozier..epic moment. 




I gravitate towards icons..not interns. Cheers.


Unique74: JĂ KKI – Sun…Sun…Sun…

I paid $75 bucks for this piece on Ebay (best money ever spent) I use to go crazy on that site (had a great job w/ dumb bonuses..pre recession. It was 1996 to be exact..) ..I got the 45′ s too..joint. #Unique74WarStories

Relationships: Loyalty101

It takes WORK & TRUST to yield long term results .The GREAT ones understand this. Thus, they will always WIN. #genuine #loyalty #excellence (Mrs OBAMA didn’t become FIRST LADY by accident..she is one to admire and aspire. Cheers)