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No Smoking Zone.

Traded in the cigars for toothpicks. Done for good..dont need any programs, arm twists, landmark, amway, patches, miss cleo..ect  Its called concious decision. I will say this much to the fellas out there..(ladies too). If you are in a bad relationship, it will create bad habits. I never smoked a day in my life until 2007, I needed something to calm me down and level me (my uncles use to smoke pipes & cigars when I was kid). I even started going hard on the drinking (wine & champagne..nothing too hard) in addition to bad eating habits. I was stressed out and kept a LOT in, vibes was totally off balance and not upwards. I was overworked and underappreciated in addition to dealing with the recession. It was out of control and I knew something had to change. Make sure you are in a situation where you take care of your spirit and your body, if it causes you stress and changes you for the worst, it is NOT good. Breakout with a quickness. Your body is a temple. Guard it with your life.

Besides..this is still THE coolest mofo on all planets with a cigar…there is only room for one! #TheHammer

Gym Brown

gym brown time..gotta sweat out this fire water..bacardi and pineapple eventually meet up..haha..i miss the adrenaline rush..back on my regiment. #StickandMoveMonday


International Promoters/Booking

International Promoters/Booking>Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc (U.S. dates are welcome): Unique74events @



love me some Yoli..

This is a REAL goddess. Smitten. There is hope. (If I ever decided to settle and leave the game…)



No child or elder should suffer under any circumstances or conditions. #Gaza #Pray #World

Slick Talk (Ski Edit) – Hutch Billy

Gotta whip it out every now and then…something to hold you until the main course. Enjoy.

Slick Talk (Ski Edit) – Hutch Billy (5:14)


Future Ralph Malph

Future Ralph Malph



Alvin Robinson – Something You Got

THE version (in my book) of my fav 45 pieces. Slow, hot & bothered funk..straight gut. The drummer plays without hi hat or cymbals (New Orleans line dance style)..but in full swing. The style was basically ahead of its time and would later become the template Dilla (Iconic Musician/Producer) style of drum programming which many beatmakers/ producers have adopted in their own formula today.