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No Smoking Zone.

Traded in the cigars for toothpicks. Done for good..dont need any programs, arm twists, landmark, amway, patches, miss cleo..ect  Its called concious decision. I will say this much to the fellas out there..(ladies too). If you are in a bad relationship, it will create bad habits. I never smoked a day in my life until 2007, I needed something to calm me down and level me (my uncles use to smoke pipes & cigars when I was kid). I even started going hard on the drinking (wine & champagne..nothing too hard) in addition to bad eating habits. I was stressed out and kept a LOT in, vibes was totally off balance and not upwards. I was overworked and underappreciated in addition to dealing with the recession. It was out of control and I knew something had to change. Make sure you are in a situation where you take care of your spirit and your body, if it causes you stress and changes you for the worst, it is NOT good. Breakout with a quickness. Your body is a temple. Guard it with your life.

Besides..this is still THE coolest mofo on all planets with a cigar…there is only room for one! #TheHammer

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