25 lessons i’ve learned in 2012 | by A-SKI

Most people do New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to go the opposite direction and recap valuable lessons and trials over the year. A resolution to me is more of another proponent in procrastination (why wait till the New Year if you had not reflected what you gained in the past year?). So here goes.. 1.Continue reading “25 lessons i’ve learned in 2012 | by A-SKI”


Hey Everybody!! This is my latest production that I had the great honor in working with the ultra amazing artist WABERI JORDAN!! A remake of a classic by the great NINA SIMONE entitled “FEELING GOOD” aka “U Know How I Feel”!! Please feel free to SHARE!! One Love!! ~~A-SKI~~ (FREE DOWNLOAD-LIMITED TIME) http://www.reverbnation.com/waberi/song/15639868-u-know-how-i-feel-feelin-good-remakeremix?utm_campaign=opengraph&utm_content=song&utm_medium=link&utm_source=facebook    

Happy Birthday Dj Dusk!!

I remember one time I was at a party kinda taking in the moment, these cats were literally fawning over this special guest DJ’s records ..just straight jocking the dude..I am in the total opposite direction (solo in the cut as always) mouthing every lyric to all the records my homie is dropping..who walks over toContinue reading “Happy Birthday Dj Dusk!!”