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25 lessons i’ve learned in 2012 | by A-SKI

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Most people do New Year’s Resolutions, I decided to go the opposite direction and recap valuable lessons and trials over the year. A resolution to me is more of another proponent in procrastination (why wait till the New Year if you had not reflected what you gained in the past year?). So here goes..

1. Family first.

2. Health is paramount.

3. Feels great to stop paying a credit card bill (and starting a retirement portfolio).

4. Going through the darkness to fully appreciate the light (grimy before shiny).

5. Community service is vital (voluntary of course).

6. What use to excite me at 25 is an appetizer for me these days (not the main course..still in the menu). 

7. Celebrate abundance.

8.  Watching the elders grow older is beautiful (but difficult to fully embrace).

9.  Money, people and status are musical chairs (don’t get excited).

10. I finally met BOBBY WOMACK and he is exactly as I figured!!! Epic! 

11. Staying creative (working with like minds that respect what you do is a blessing).

12. Letting the past stay where it is (you will be enslaved by it..instead of being inspired by it).

13. There is a crossroads with people you think that would be in your life forever (you still wish them well..all love..all good). 

14. There are those chosen few who stay consistent and loyal (y’all know who you are…thank you for ridin’ for me! champagne and good times for life! always love!!)

15. It has to be my way (everybody wins).

16. Keeping good counsel is worth more than money. 

17. Laying low (avoiding the shadows is the natural light). 

18. Laugh at yourself more (you’ll go crazy if you don’t). 

19. Im still obsessed with Stevie Wonder’s  “INNERVISIONS”. 

20. Feels good to play instruments and compose again. 

21. Ready to do some more traveling.

22. I have outgrown LA (all love..been there..cant do reruns). 

23. Staying in shape is the s–t! (I use to RUN from the gym I run towards it!)

24. Seeking and gravitating toward higher frequencies is pure nirvana (shifting the focus).

25. Keep it humble in the rumble. 


26. Never cry over spilled milk..get a better cow.


Hey Everybody!! This is my latest production that I had the great honor in working with the ultra amazing artist WABERI JORDAN!! A remake of a classic by the great NINA SIMONE entitled “FEELING GOOD” aka “U Know How I Feel”!! Please feel free to SHARE!! One Love!! ~~A-SKI~~



feelin good flier

got questions.

for all unanswered questions…listen to JAMES BROWN.james-brown-500x400

Happy Birthday FRANKIE BEVERLY!!

Frank B Maze
Marvin Gaye being the visionary he was left us a gift that continues to give for over 3 decades. He is the voice of the hardest working and most concistent band of all time who continues to maintain the sound of the streets. Happy Birthday Mr FRANKIE BEVERLY!!

Happy Birthday LINDA CREED!!

Photo of Linda Creed

I have always been a sucker for great songwriting. There are few who can articulate abstract feelings and thoughts on a universal level while setting the tone in a commercial market as well as a creative one. She was the epitome of prolific…yet criminally unsung, serving as one of the great architects of the iconic PHILLY SOUND with her partner in crime, the great THOM BELL. In addtion to penning a plethora of hits that still stand to this day..Happy Birthday to the late great Ms. LINDA CREED!!

quality wins again..SHUGGIE OTIS

shuggie-otis-dogMr Shuggie Otis. Echoplex. LA. Tonite. SOLD OUT!

Happy Birthday Sir LITTLE RICHARD!!

little-richard-in-person-posterI dont care what you have been is further from the TRUTH..even the hype appointed “King of Rock & Roll” himself never claimed himself as such (he knew disrespect..facts are facts..)..This is the same man who brought you …

JAMES, JIMI and an unknown group of lads signed to Chicago’s own VEE JAY RECORDS (Pre Motown & Capitol Records..look it up..) named THE BEATLES. Happy Birthday To THE REAL KING OF ROCK AND ROLL..Mr LITTLE RICHARD!!

money & s–t..


I like money. All of it. It takes money to make more. It takes discipline to create wealth. It takes a blessing to be brilliant. It takes stupidity & greed to mess it all up.


firm believer.


Mecca and The Soul Brother | 20


“Mecca and The Soul Brother” was a very important album during the time of its release 20 years ago (where does the time go..) and still remains celebrated today. It explored a very wide spectrum of Soul, Jazz, Funk on an aggressive level but it bears an assortment of moods in each of those generes under the Hip Hop drawing board. Rhythmically, it was raw yet smooth while balancing its cutting edge. This album made me step my game up in terms of record digging and sound exploration.