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Feb 4th* Emile Porée “Sessions” Hosted by A-Ski @ Seven Grand (DTLA)!!!!

Join me & all of my AQUARIAN family for my LA PRE BDAY CELEBRATION Feb 4th!!



Hey everybody! dropping by Unseen Legion Radio TONITE to discuss latest projects and my latest release “CHANGE THE MOOD” (Now Available on ITunes!! will also be dropping a DJ set as well. Tune In!

Free Willie.

Ol’ Slick Willie at it again! Yeah buddy!


Oakland/SF Birthday / Album Release Party Bash!!!



Heads up to Promoters & Event Planners in OAKLAND , SF and surrounding areas..I am going to be playing and celebrating my born day in The Bay on Feb 7th!! Stay tuned for details..I have window dates open on Feb 8-10, Please feel free to reach out for any bookings here on my Facebook Page or my Email Contact: Unique74events @ / This is also open to DJ’s, Bloggers & Artists who are up for recording, remixes and collaborations. Im very much looking forward to meeting and working with you. #Unique74


The time has come..A lot of blood, sweat & years has been invested into this project. To the beautiful people who assisted me with your time, talent & support..I SALUTE YOU. You know who you are…too much champagne to share and names to mention. It could NOT have happen without your support. Special Shout & Appreciation to my brothers who kept me motivated and inspired during the process *  Uncle Keg (Johnson) , Uncle James (Gadson) , Garth Trinidad,  Big Otis (CHI) , Ahmed Sirour, Peter Woods, Dj Center, Da’shon Is, Rich Medina, DJ Spinna, Jeffery Connor, Emile Poree,  Fuse Green,  Qool Marv, T Bird, Caktuz Tree, Coleman, Sake One, Aslow One (Asato Aiida) & SARKUS Crew (Japan), Dorian Missick (aka Tailwind Turner), T.I.M., Mark Quest and RAS G just to name a few.  I Thank You for your support & encouragement. Especially to the DJ’s and Tastemakers who were already breaking a lot of the cuts before its official release!! I Salute and Appreciate YOU!!! With all the great music there is out took the time and listened to my contribution and that truly means a lot. Unique74 is proud to present…“CHANGE THE MOOD” … now officially available to the world on iTunes and upcoming digital outlets. I hope it is to your pleasing…Enjoy!


Production/Mix* A-SKI 



Mastering* ASATO AIIDA 



Art Direction* creator da’shon is. 



Photography* WhitakerWhitakerHistoricPhotography 


A Supreme THANK YOU to The Most High.





give me some MOORE..

Kenya-Moore-WWHL-SFTAAnybody that knows me personally, knows first hand that I do not support any type of tomfoolery , buffoonery or foolishness of any kind. RHOA represents the same stereotypical images that African Americans have fought for decades and it is a step backwards in the achievements and the strides that have been made, truth be told. From a practical point, what does one actually gain from watching this show that can be useful in an everyday forum? It goes to show you that any fool can have money but wealth, civil conduct, intellect & health are not represented or not upheld on any level. What is the moral in such waste of space & airtime? (Im not going to go too hard..being very generous on this one).

However, I was very pleased to see the saving grace of the show in recent promos. I have been a die hard fan back when she was Miss USA. KENYA MOORE who adds a more brighter side to the show with her carefree personality is breath of fresh air (I STILL have never seen the show and don’t plan to anytime soon. If I want to hear and see a loud mouth..I can get a pet Chiwawa).

I feel its a step backwards for her being on the show, but she can also be considered the show’s saving grace. Continued success. Still fine. Still a stone fox. Smitten.


True Notepulled this one from the stash. cheers.

Unique74 Events: {1.17} THE FOUNDRY on Melrose Presents..Emile Porée “Sessions” w/ A-Ski & friends

SESSIONS: Join us for an evening of Jazz, Fine Bites & an assortment of sounds & atmosphere. As we set sail with Emile Poree as the navigator with Jeffrey Connor on Bass plus A-Ski on carefully hand picked JAZZ selections. We encourage you to endulge this Thursday Nite @ THE FOUNDRY on MELROSE. No Cover.

Birthday/Special Occassions are welcomed: Unique74events 




Straight up..this was the first mixer I ever owned and learned to rock on..pause tapes, etc..get a little misty when I spot one of em..can out rock ANYBODY with the latest technology and a laptop..with this very mixer, two turntables, a crate & a mic..#ThrowbackThursday