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give me some MOORE..

Kenya-Moore-WWHL-SFTAAnybody that knows me personally, knows first hand that I do not support any type of tomfoolery , buffoonery or foolishness of any kind. RHOA represents the same stereotypical images that African Americans have fought for decades and it is a step backwards in the achievements and the strides that have been made, truth be told. From a practical point, what does one actually gain from watching this show that can be useful in an everyday forum? It goes to show you that any fool can have money but wealth, civil conduct, intellect & health are not represented or not upheld on any level. What is the moral in such waste of space & airtime? (Im not going to go too hard..being very generous on this one).

However, I was very pleased to see the saving grace of the show in recent promos. I have been a die hard fan back when she was Miss USA. KENYA MOORE who adds a more brighter side to the show with her carefree personality is breath of fresh air (I STILL have never seen the show and don’t plan to anytime soon. If I want to hear and see a loud mouth..I can get a pet Chiwawa).

I feel its a step backwards for her being on the show, but she can also be considered the show’s saving grace. Continued success. Still fine. Still a stone fox. Smitten.

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