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street smarts.

Newsflash: ImageIt has never been cool to be dumb or ignorant. Chickens coming home to roost. #tRAPped

#Smitten #2

I said it once and I will say it again..If I were to settle down and call it a day. ..Salome all day. #smitten Image



Happy Birthday Mr BUNNY SIGLER!!

One of the most prolific writers and timeless composers of all time. An architect of the mighty Philly Sound!! Happy Birthday Mr BUNNY SIGLER!!Image

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Licensing/Beats/Production/Remix Projects/Hooks* Serious Clients Only: Unique74events @

Happy Birthday Mr TEDDY PENDERGRASS!!!

Not since Wilson Pickett, David Ruffin, Eddie Levert or Marvin Junior (The Dells) that you had a vocalist that not only commanded your attention but demanded it. No compromise..No begging or whining..TP laid the law and that was all there was to it (which led him to eventually be the first to introduce the concept of an all ladies show). In that same sense, he was also able to balance deliver vulnerability that of a Al Green, Marvin Gaye or Eddie Kendricks. He sang to the women from a man’s perspective with an urgency that put him in a class of his own. He was the last of what I like to call the “Grown Man vocalist”. Happy Birthday to Philly’s own Mr THEODORE DeREESE PENDERGRASS!!!


Happy Birthday Mr RUFUS THOMAS!!

ImageWhat’s so unique about this next great artist is that he was the oldest of all his peers at STAX, yet was able to garner a young audience (yes, there was a time where age did not was quality). His popularity crowned him as “The World’s Oldest Teenager”. Im pretty sure his experience as a Disc Jockey at WDIA in Memphis gave him his fair with the audience as well. Just as funky as James Brown yet had the love of grandfather to his audience for decades to this day. Also he is also father the great CARLA THOMAS. Happy Birthday to Sir Breakdown himself..Mr RUFUS THOMAS!!!

Happy Birthday Ms DIANA ROSS!!!


(Taurus is kickin’ ass!! the past few weeks!!) One of the few artist that still stands the test of time for over 5 decades..defining and redefining not only musically being the ultimate centerpiece in fashion and flair as well. Pop, Rock, Soul, Standards, Jazz,etc…she has remained to be a criteria and standard in a class of her own, opening the door for many after her. Happy Birthday to “The Boss” Ms DIANA ROSS!!! (now you can “bow down”

if Jimi had an iPod.

more importantly…pay attention to what he is listens to. #influence


loyalty: spitting out thorns


when you have a chance to walk away. stay a better way can make a way. if they dont ride with you but are fighting you..they are devalueing you. dont trip..humble pie stays in stock. charge it to the game.

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