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A Good Man’s Confessions & Lessons #1: Value

They made your life difficult and were all of a sudden they miss you. Translation: You were the best deal they were not accustomed to before and after..they miss the convenience and the attention. Know your worth.


healthy dinner flow.

couscous, snap peas, roasted potatoes, garlic pieces, shrimp, alfredo cream sauce. one of many jewels my mother taught me..never be held hostage in the kitchen. handle in pocket. #SteelesKitchenImage

No Soda


No soda or sweets for 8 months, this gets you right. Pricey but so is the hospital bill..fairs even. About to hit these weights and cardio.

DJ | Photography | Videography | Sound | Private Events | SPRING/SUMMER/FALL 2013

Hey Everyone!! Just an FYI, I also play Private Events as well..I know wedding season is amongst us and im sure it is extremely difficult in finding an Emcee/Dj in one package right? Please feel free to reach for booking of your upcoming wedding event or private affair, complete with state of the art sound system and maximum quality performance. Competitive yet reasonable rates.  im available for your next event! Looking forward* Unique74events @ (I also have a Videographer / Photographers in my package as well that can be included). Out of state clients are welcome as well.



Smitten #3

Yes, it is no secret that I am a fan. Prototype. Thousands of miles away (the ones I like are never in reach..) Salome all day.