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6/29 BLAZING 45’s | DTLA



Hey folks! Join us this weekend for one of the most anticipated highlights in the city!!! BEAT SWAP MEET!!! That’s right, another episode in the crates!!! Yours truly, I will be playing a set on Sunday at 3:50-4:25 in addition to having my A-SKI Tees / V Necks (Guys/Dolls) on hand as well for purchase ($15)!!Image

Day (451) – The Voice

The Better Man Project ™


“Life will life you” it said to me

But why did you have to turn everything off?

Why did you make it so quiet?

“You needed to learn. It all happens for a reason. Never forget that.

Whatever I choose to do, there is a reason for it…one that always helps you grow.”

You only give me as much as I can handle, I know that, I just sometimes wish you didn’t trust me so much.

It hasn’t been easy.

“But remember, the pressure cracks didn’t mean you broke, it means you survived and now have an amazing story to tell.”

Will you help me write these stories?

“Of course. But you already know how.”

If you haven’t had the chance, read my book!

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Day (461) – You vs.

The Better Man Project ™


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

It’s you vs. you.

Don’t be mistaken.

It’s not you vs. anyone else.

Anything else.

Something else.

It may appear to be that way.

But it really isn’t.

It’s you vs. you.

The fight is within.

The exterior is just the playing field.

You make yourself the best you can.

Take it to the limits.

Break barriers.

Jump over obstacles.

Defy your previous handicaps.

It’s you vs. you.

It’s all in your head.

Now go win.

– E.

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Happy Birthday PAUL McCARTNEY!!!

One of my favorite bass players from 2 very well known groups in addition to constantly staying on the creative cutting edge. Icon. Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCarntney!!


Happy Birthday LARRY DUNN!!!!

Master Keyboardist, Pianist, Composer, Chordsmith, one of the founders of the greatest band in the land..He has been a huge inspiration in my brave attempt to play keys.. Happy Birthday Sir Larry Dunn!!!


Lunch Flow.

I normally don’t do the food truck thing..However, there is a first time for everything..real quality..Big shout out to Tainamite Food Truck!! ImageThai food at its apex. #Lunchflow

Happy Birthday Mr JAMES GADSON!!!

JAMGADSON-2-12-1His sound is a dignified staple in a plethora of gems that span over 5 decades to this very day, resonating rhythm at its apex. He has been a huge influence in my musical DNA and is one of the main reasons of me making a brave attempt at playing drums as a kid. His signature sound has been the blueprint for Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, and the list goes on. His groove continues to be a driving force and the standard in sound. Happy Birthday Mr James Gadson!!! Enjoy to the max sir!!!!!


Hey folks!! We hope you can join us tomorrow evening at AVALON HOLLYWOOD for a great event and a great cause which is part of keeping the arts alive in schools!!! Yours truly Image will be spinning and serving up the anthems!! Also a special live performance by Derek McKeith!!!

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