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Music Submissions, etc

Disk Jockeys, Radio, Mixtape: get at me for that righteous drop on your show or release! Hit me on the inbox for all requests. Artist, Labels and Musicians: If you have any music that you would like to have reviewed, blogged or featured on any of my musical outlets, please send all submissions and label contact to: 


I couldn’t have said it better. #Relationships #Marriage


on that dinner flow.

SKI MEALSalmon Steak smothered in Red Onions, Garlic, Red Potatoes and Asparagus. With a splash of Garlic-Orange Marinade , Rohan Josh Curry. Handle mine on that Jack Tripper. Give Thanks.

Brand New.

Without are straight up trash. No sugar coating..Straight no chaser. Had a seasoned trainer lend me some advice: “Go light..go right”. To all my dudes hitting the gym..start at a steady pace and you will gradually progress (such as life and music). Its not about being some dumb Jock trying to get yoked up. Its about stamina and wellness. Image Cheers.

A Good Man’s Lessons and Confessions #4: Silence

Suit1Never mistake a man’s silence for stupidity or kindness for weakness. He is tolerating you for the moment. Still waters..

Vegan Dinner Flow


Kale, Red Potatoes, Peppers, Garlic, Onions, Veggie Beef, Makhani Sauce. Always nice on the blends. #DinnerFlow