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Happy Birthday Anniversary JAY DEE/DILLA

“Dilla studios n—- Dilla studios n—-” (that has to be absolutely the best promo video and catchphrase). Before I digress, I must say that in order to understand the music of Jay Dee…you must understand every great Hip Hop Producer. He embellished the best of every great producer in fine detail along with their obvious signatures. If many of you were fortunate to witness life before the 90’ will make sense to you and your point of reference would have a broader base (imho). Anyhow, I can’t say what’s been already said because im not coming from that where near it. However, as someone that has been a die hard beat head since 84 (some of you weren’t even born..ha!). I must say that very few can do what he did at the level that he did it and the short amount of time we were blessed to see him do it. What he did for the charts and the streets is tremendous..he had club anthems and underground joints back to back!! We both are Aquarians and I clearly understand his process and his detail. He was set out on a mission to just simply CREATE from within. Not only that, he flexed his creative prowess further by taking less obvious samples and created something beyond our expectation in addition to being a great musician! He gave me hope and inspired me to keep going..The irony is that I had ample opportunity to meet him on different occasions but as Aquarians we tend to “do our own thing” and the ships of chance never crossed. One of my biggest regrets. However, his music and legacy is beyond sufficient for me. Happy Birthday Anniversary JAY DEE!!!

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