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ImageShoot through!! Dropping a Jazz set at 4:15pm at the spot formerly known as the Mountain Bar!!! Stop by and say HELLO.. I will have Ski Tees on deck. Word to Joe Frazier.


Beat Swap Meet LA June 2014 Official Staff Pass – Art by Jextraterrestrial

Get involved.

Beat Swap Meet is this Sunday afternoon June 22nd in the Historical Chinatown Central Plaza – Downtown Los Angeles, California. Open to the public, all ages, & entrance is free w/ donation of a canned good.

Rest In Paradise Mr HORACE SILVER

True Story: My ace boon Greg drove me to his house to meet his pops. Im like “ok cool” as we get to the door he says “by the way my Dad is a musician”..Lo and behold..he was playing in his living room working on a beautiful piece. I saw who it was and I literally froze (im usually the one who is unfazed by anything unless it’s out of the ordinary). Greg says to me “its cool you can say hello to him” and I responded “no man, that man is working on a masterpiece..I cannot interrupt him”. Thank You for your tremendous contribution to the musical pallet which paved the way for too many to mention including myself..Thank You and Rest Well Mr Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva aka HORACE SILVER..