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Turn Down For What? Fitness


Never have so few owe so much to so many. It’s been awhile since my last entry. However, I always hold out my best. For everybody who has seen me know what it is on my vegan journey in addition to training. It has been an uphill process but a process that is vital for long term results. I aint even clowned me. Neverthess, I wanted to share some tips for the fellas who are looking to upgrade their health and fitness.

1. Start off small, grow large:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Something simple as walking a few miles or low range exercise. You have to build a rhythm to get in the proper mindset for getting in shape.

2. Lookout for Number One:

I am firm believer in this as I grow wiser. Its a blessing to have a support system and encouraging words but there are some who are as not as fortunate. You have to be your own ultimate supporter and inspiration. There is no other person that will have your back and full interest more than you (if you find that person..make her your wife!! Good Luck!! lmao!)

3. Avoid toxic relationships:

If you are single, you have a major heads up. You don’t have to hear negative reinforcement or being with someone who is ungrateful, deceitful or combative. So called friendships go the same way. If they have your back, respect will be at the forefront at all times. You have to be in a place of higher frequency.


4. Create goals:

In order to navigate, you must have a model and vision. Establish what you envision by starting with long term and short term goals (this reinforces rule number 1).

5. Write it down:

Make an agreement with yourself which ultimately becomes a genuine commitment. It becomes real when its etched in stone.

6. Eliminate smoking & drinking:

Being in the entertainment business, it becomes a lonely and dark place when you are constantly wearing a double sword of business, creativity and anticipation for the fruits of your labor . As a result in my case, cigars and Hennessey was my choice of comfort. Once I became vegan and started to dwell amongst like minds and higher frequency, I stopped indulging altogether. Your body is a temple, strive for a clean  house.

7. Avoid eating after 7pm:

Your food will digest better and you gain less weight as the night approaches.

8. Breathing:

Breathing is paramount to endurance as you work out. Breath control.

9. Attitude:

Positive everything.

10. Good Music:

You need that one album or song to keep you pumped. My personal workout anthem is “The Payback pts 1&2” by James Brown on repeat. Pick up that new Diamond album “Diam Piece” !! Another workout favorite!!

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