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YouTube..Like..Subscribe: Derek Mckeith 

Hey good people.. visit #derekmckeith #youtube Hit the like button and sub today!! Lotta great content and good music!!  

Day favorite gym

Recap from yesterday. Bummed out that my second favorite gym is closing its doors. I could’ve locked my contact but the distance for the new location is out of my way. Gonna miss the pretty girls, yoga room and alkaline water. Thanks for the memories and the gains. #fitness #vegan #longterm #unique74 

Day work 

Gettin’ that core together.. losing is an option. 

Raw Vegan..1st step

Gearing up for my #rawvegan sojourn. Hooked up a beet smoothie with cranberry, ginger, mint and argula. #fitness  #vegan #healthiswealth #longterm #unique74