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Unique74 remembers Hugh Hefner..

He was the square that got over. Player supreme.. standing ovation.. rest easy Hef..

YouTube..Like..Subscribe: Derek Mckeith 

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Unique74 remembers.. BERNIE CASEY 

Maaaaan listen..As a kid growing up, he was somebody you looked up to in awe of his no nonsense, no foolishness, smart, tough, cool and intelligent approach. He was one of the first action heroes I can remember that set the tone for many that followed. Pure Alpha at its apex. NFL icon aboard the Star Trek enterprise.. Standing Ovation & Thank You for your iconic contribution Mr BERNIE represented us to the fullest.. fly easy..

Day favorite gym

Recap from yesterday. Bummed out that my second favorite gym is closing its doors. I could’ve locked my contact but the distance for the new location is out of my way. Gonna miss the pretty girls, yoga room and alkaline water. Thanks for the memories and the gains. #fitness #vegan #longterm #unique74 

Day work 

Gettin’ that core together.. losing is an option. 

Raw Vegan..1st step

Gearing up for my #rawvegan sojourn. Hooked up a beet smoothie with cranberry, ginger, mint and argula. #fitness  #vegan #healthiswealth #longterm #unique74

Unique74 remembers WALTER BECKER..

One of my favorite opening guitar riffs.. you did well Walter..