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Unique74 remembers..Fats Domino..

As “Pops” (Louis Armstrong) introduced the Dixieland sound in the innovations of Jazz, Fats Domino brought the infectious melodies to Rhythm and Blues which birthed what we know now as Rock n’ Roll.  He paved the way..Rest Peacefully Fats Domino..standing ovation..

Unique74 remembers..Robert Guillaume 

First Class all the way..he made us proud and represented the very best in artistry. Thank You Mr Robert easy..

#Wednesdaywisdom: Cake

Never be afraid of losing action. What’s tailored and designed for you will be PRO YOU. Level Up..chest out. #WednesdayWisdom 

Team Monday. 10.16

A day without learning is another day robbed. Keep it productive. Team Monday. #unique74

Recap: Cratediggers LA

Hahaha..paparazzi on the job!! Yours truly third wheel to the left. Classic building with the big homie sensei master teachers @djrontrent @grimyz Salute!! Shout out to Kristi Lomax (who was digging with us earlier) and the good brotha at the far end. That vendor had the HEAT heat!!! Facts!! #unique74 Repost @4cratediggers Legends 🙌🏻 #cratediggersla2017 @discogs @lot613 @themerchpro @mastersounds @pioneerdjusa @ortofon_dj @grimyz @djrontrent #communitybuilt 

Recap 8.15 

On the filter. Feels good being back at my original gym. Only the great ones enter those doors. #fitness #vegan #discipline #longterm #unique74

Back on to the grind..

Been on the bench for a few days dues to a light injury but I’m hittin’ that iron later tonight. It’s easy to fall off. All or Nothing. #fitness #vegan #djlife #blogger #creativeconsultant #djaski #unique74

Saturday flow..

All up in ya on this great Saturday afternoon..gotta work off them plantains, brown rice & peas plus that Margarita from last night. #fitness #vegan #longterm #djlife #producerlife #djaski #unique74 

About Friday Night..

I rarely get it in on the frozen Margaritas. Earned this one..rough yet productive week. The weekend is official.. let the games begin.

Day 4: Chest Workout 

Climbing the stairway to heaven.. discipline will open endless doors that excuses can’t. Up in here.