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The Fabulous Dramatics • Unsung

​Detroit Definitive. Finally got a chance to absorb The Dramatics Unsung episode. It was great to see the surviving members share wisdom and their climb to iconic longevity that put them in a class of their own..unchallenged. The prolific writing and production team of Tony Hester and Don Davis got an honorable mention which was one of my favorites highlights. They as a creative powerhouse seemed to have chosen the reclusive route while keeping their head buried in musical books to create a rich catalog that still stands to this very day. It was also great to see their musical peers make a surprise appearance while giving their insight on the magnitude for their body of work. #thedramatics #unsung #unique74

Bobby and David..double trouble..

I am a huuugge Bobby Womack and David Ruffin fan to the tenth power..These two cats have got to be the most pure (if you will) vocalists i’ve ever heard.. Recently, I was doing some “digging” and ran into the “Pieces” album and discovered a tune entitled “Trust Your Heart” (dont think there is a re-issue on cd or mp3 on this back catalog release) . This song was the deal sealer for me. I must’ve flipped out when I read Mr. Ruffin’s name on background vocals. I’ve heard of game recognizing game but damn.. David and Bobby on a duet = Brilliant!


Been looking 4 the vinyl on this for a minute..

Lj Reynolds IS the business, this is my favorite rendition of an “Aretha” classic.